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Websters Lawyers

Address: Level 9, 111 Gawler Place Adelaide CBD SA 5000

Also Services: SA


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Specialising in all SA injury claims, family law, criminal law and estates & inheritance law.

Websters Lawyers is an Adelaide-based law firm composed of veteran solicitors and barristers. We seek to deliver legal representation that's more personal and effective than clients typically receive elsewhere. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of what lawyers actually do for their clients by...

1 February, 2015
It was a tough period for the both of us, the divorce was imminent. I honestly didnt want to go through all the legal procedures, since I genuinely didnt have the time. Situations were such that there werent a lot of people I could interact with either. That was till I hired the services of Websters Lawyers. I honestly havent come across a law firm that was understanding enough to give me my space and provide services with such little hindrance. Cant thank them enough.
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Ken Gluche


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer