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Unisearch Expert Opinion Services - Sydney

Address: Level 16 Mathews Building University of New South Wales Randwick NSW 2031

Also Services: Adelaide CBD, Brisbane CBD, Melbourne CBD, Perth CBD, and Sydney CBD


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Australia's leading provider of expert opinion

Unisearch is Australia’s largest provider of expert opinion services. Established in 1959, our team now manages over 900 matters each year ranging from expert opinions and testing services to consulting on major projects.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Unisearch provides expertise...

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Business Hours

Monday 8:30am to 5:30pm
Tuesday 8:30am to 5:30pm
Wednesday 8:30am to 5:30pm
Thursday 8:30am to 5:30pm
Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm


The role of Legal Advisers in preparing Expert Reports

The role of Legal Advisers in preparing Expert Reports By John Arneil, Group Executive of Unisearch - Master of Arts UNSW [John Arneil is Group Executive of Unisearch Expert Opinion Services. Unisearch is Australia’s largest provider of Expert Opinion Services to the legal fraternity, government sector agencies and commerce & industry.Unisearch case manages over 900 expert opinion and consulting matters each year ranging from expert opinions, testing services and consulting on major projects in over 2000 discrete areas of expertise.]

Key elements to engaging and briefing an expert

Key elements to engaging and briefing an expert By John Arneil - Group Executive, Unisearch Expert Opinion Services [John Arneil, Master of Arts UNSW is Group Executive of Unisearch Expert Opinion Services. Unisearch case manages over 1,300 matters each year, as well as experienced litigators, they deal with many young solicitors who are very unsure about engaging and briefing an expert.]


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Unisearch Expert Opinion Services - Sydney.

Lionel Gardner

“I have used the services of Unisearch for a number of years in respect of qualifying a range of experts to assist in both personal injury and property damage claims.

In that time I have found Unisearch to have been prompt in responding and in providing well qualified and suitable opinions. The staff are always approachable and happy to discuss claims where necessary and provide a range of experts to choose from. The quality of the reports have been excellent and as such Unisearch is my first port of call in seeking assistance to qualify experts in my matters.”

— Lionel Gardner Partner, Moray & Agnew Lawyers

Associate Professor John Evans

“In my many dealings with Unisearch I have found them well organised, professional and prompt in their communications, and very pleasant people to work with.”

— John Evans Associate Professor, Sydney Business School

Chantille Khoury

Unisearch has a substantial number of specialised experts on their panel. Their experts are equipped to cater to almost every industry including extremely specific and unusual matters.

Being provided with the CVs of various experts allows me to decide which expert best suits the matter’s needs and I am able to contact the expert directly to gain further insight.

Unisearch is extremely efficient in that their reports are thorough and I only deal with the one account manager who understands and accommodates our firm’s needs. Their service is fast and professional and without hesitation, I would recommend Unisearch to others.

— Chantille Khoury Principal, Law Partners

Leighton Hawkes

“We have sought the assistance of the Unisearch team to find the appropriate expert for many cases involving personal injury, product liability and property damage claims for various insurer clients of the firm.

Their understanding and knowledge of the litigation process, the requirements and obligations on experts for their reports to be used as evidence and sourcing and instructing the correct expert for cases has been of great assistance. We would recommend Unisearch to any lawyer who requires assistance in obtaining expert opinion in their practice.”

— Leighton Hawkes Senior Associate, McCabes Lawyers

Dr. Ann Fairfax

“I have consistently found the Unisearch staff to be great to work with. They are highly professional, friendly and very knowledgeable about the process of submitting an admissible opinion.”

— Dr. Ann Fairfax Expert in Occupational Health AND Safety Management

David Cohen

“I have undertaken a number of expert opinions through Unisearch Expert Opinion Services. I have always found Unisearch highly professional and efficient in handling matters, including assistance with preparation of reports and general liaison with clients.”

— David Cohen Deputy President, Academic Board, University of New South Wales

Frequently Asked Questions

How we help The team at Unisearch saves clients time and money by providing the most appropriate expert opinion that meets the brief. If we can not find a suitable expert to provide an opinion, our clients don’t pay a cent. With experts in fields from acoustics to zoology, and almost everything in between, Unisearch can provide an expert opinion in even the most esoteric field. Unisearch only uses experts with the qualifications and professional and clinical experience to match our clients’ needs, whether in litigation or in a commercial environment. We shoulder the administrative burden of obtaining expert opinion, leaving our clients free to focus on the carriage of their case. Unisearch project manages the experts’ total involvement in the case from arranging quotations for their opinion, to organising an inspection or examination, to dealing with subpoenas and attendance at court, conferencing facilities and every step in between. Unisearch has access to NATA accredited testing laboratories through our affiliations with universities. Our quality assurance process ensures that our clients receive well-reasoned, clearly-communicated expert opinions, on time.