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Shadgett Legal

Address: Level 1, Kings New Office Towers, 533 Hay Street Perth CBD WA 6000

08 9325 ...

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Shadgett Legal is a legal practice in the heart of the law precinct of the Perth CBD specialising in criminal law matters.

Shadgett Legal are a boutique firm who aim to bring good old fashioned personal service into the legal profession, and help guide their clients through the often complex landscape of the law and legal problems.

We have many years experience in criminal law, so contact us to see how we can assist...

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Our Team Profiles


Steven Shadgett


Principal Lawyer

Year Joined



Steven has extensive experience in criminal investigation and criminal law in all jurisdictions in Western Australia. As a lawyer, Steven has worked with the Austalian Securities and Investments Commission, the Office of the Director of Public prosecutions for Western Australia (DPP) and the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. Steven is a member of the Panel of Practioners for the Legal Aid Commission of Western Australia and the DPP, and is also a member of the Criminal Lawyers Association of WA. Steven is passionate about protecting an individuals rights and giving his clients the personal service they deserve.


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"We were really impressed with Steve and his professional manner, knowledge of the law and the way he handled our case. He is very easy to talk to and kept us updated leading up to the trial where we really needed support and reassurance. His strong and direct approach in court really made the difference to us winning the case. After court, he still took the time to go over the case and summarise the findings. I would not hesitate to recommend Steven Shadgett to anyone requiring an excellent Barrister.


Thanks so much Steve"


"I've had the pleasure of calling on the services of Steven Shadgett and I was impressed from the moment I met him in the pre-trial talk. His ability to understand my situation so quickly and his no-nonsense handling of the facts provided me with the confidence to engage him.


Not every case can have a happy ending, mine did, the most important thing is that I feel in Steven Shadgett I had a solicitor who truly represented me and I would have no hesitation recommending him."



"I was referred to Shadgett Legal by a friend because my son had been accused of assaulting someone. I was worried because of my sons employment conditions, he could not have a police record. 


I found Steve to be approachable and very professional and honest. He answered all our questions openly and honestly and told us what we could expect the outcome to be. I highly recommend Shadgett Legal to anyone who needs a good lawyer. I mean this is the nicest possible way, I hope we don't ever have to use Steve again!"



"To all at Shadgett Legal,


We would like to pass on our sincerest of thanks for your representation and support during our recent court action. 

We are both extremely pleased and relieved with our outcome which we are positive would not have been the same if we had not had your great services at hand. 

We would also like to give personal thanks to Steve and Vanessa who gave us comfort and peace of mind during a very traumatic period of our lives.


Thank you so much."



"Dear Steve & Vanessa

Thank you for your support & professional services for the last 12 months. Your positive attitudes & timely assistance has helped me during my emotional journey. 

It truly is unfortunate, that there are people who believe they can utilise conduits, in an attempt to destroy the lives of another through lies & deceit. 

In our circumstance justice prevailed & successful negotiations were instrumented by you Steve. Forever thankful …."



"We would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve and his team for their unwavering support and dedicated professional representation of our son at what can only be described as a very difficult and harrowing time for any family to face.


We had visited several other legal representatives before Steve as the charge our son was facing was very serious. We were impressed from day one by his positive manner, his ability to grasp the situation and his honest and compassionate nature. Steve remained steadfast in his unshakeable belief that justice would prevail. He is an honourable man committed to his professional ethics. His strength, passion and reassurance carried us through to a unanimous verdict for our son, we can never thank him enough. The joy we all shared at the positive outcome was clearly reflected in Steve's genuine reaction. He is a legend! We can never thank him enough."