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Business Overview

GOING TO COURT? Get the Best Advice & Representation! Michael Kuzilny is one of Melbournes leading & distinguished criminal defence lawyers. He deals exclusively with all Traffic & Criminal law charges.


10 Customer Reviews

What can I say about The Great Man Michael Kuzilny. My first impression was that this man will love me like a brother and that's exactly what he did. He never judged me because of my past or what I had recently been charged with. He just kept on reasurring me that he'll get the best possible outcome, and that's exactly what he did. I'm so glad to have associated with such a fine upstanding gentlemen who I will always regard a good friend. Michael your positive attitude and outlook on everything is infectious. Thank you for believing in me.
I am not proud to say, but I was in a lot of trouble in the past because of abusive parents who were drunks and on drugs, and I had absolutely no direction in life. I started hanging out the wrong people, got onto Ice, and got into fraud and crime to support my filthy habit. I used a few other lawyers in the past, and they didn't really give a **** about me or my charges. I found Michael Kuzilny to be a really top man, and he helped me greatly, not only getting getting most of my charges wiped out, but for keeping me out of prison, and for introducing me to a really great counselor who had gone through a similar journey. Michael Kuzilny was great. No need to explain any further. This bloke knows the system inside out and knows the people in it,. He has been in the game for many years, and he was powerful and convincing in court which I was very impressed with. This lawyer is a class act. Thanks MK
Recently i had the pleasure to be represented by Mr Kuzilny. I have had many legal representation in the past nothing like his service. He is welcoming, he listens to you he makes you feel like a human and not a number. He received the best outcome. My previous assistance stated i am going to jail. Well at least i could see me family again. Thank you so much in what you did for me i will never forget. If i require or anyone requires legal assistance i will make sure they only contact you. You treated me so professionally and i would recommend you to everyone. Thank you for saving my life and family.
Michael Kuzilny represented me in court regarding a traffic infringement. From the first meeting with him I was struck by his attention to detail, professionalism and years of experience that showed during my case with the magistrate in which he was able to obtain a positive result. I would definitely call Michael if the situation arose in the future.

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Our Team Profiles

Michael Kuzilny

Michael Kuzilny


Principal Defence Lawyer


Michael Kuzilny has a Bachelor of Laws with Honours and has completed extensive studies in Court Defence Advocacy & Prosecutions, Traffic and traffic alcohol law, and white collar crime. He has studied both at Monash University in Victoria, and Bond University on the Gold Coast. He is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and its Criminal Law Section. MK LAW is situated at Level 8, 350 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria and has conference and visiting rooms in the vicinity of all suburban courts. We also have conference rooms available in Sydney CBD. Michael also conducts free home visits after hours and on weekends to suit your needs. We also have an expert psychologist available to all clients and offer transport to and from court if required. Michael prides himself on giving first class court representation and keeping costs to a minimum. As his advertisement states - 'Down to earth attitude & fees'. Michael won ‘Best Male Presenter’ – at the 2008 Australian Antenna Awards. He loves to get involved in the media to follow his passion to help and inspire people to make the most of life. Michael is also a published author, and teenage success coach. Michael realizes people can make mistakes, and he is here to help you get back on track in everything he does. MK LAW can also provide psychological & grief counseling, and if you’re having trouble getting to court, we will organize transport to ensure you get there in time. Michael Kuzilny has a proven track record in getting outstanding results for the people he represents!


Your Rights If Your Vehicle Is Seized For a Hoon Offence. Knowing your rights with Michael Kuzilny. Traffic law expert. MK LAW Melbourne

Your Rights If Your Vehicle Is Seized For a Hoon Offence

Hoon offences Victoria. Knowing your rights with Michael Kuzilny. Traffic lawyer MK LAW. Melbourne

Cars Impounded for Hoon Offences Can Sometimes be Released

Hoon Legislation Victoria. Knowing your rights with Michael Kuzilny. Traffic law expert. MK LAW Victoria

Hoon Legislation - Avoiding vehicle impoundment and Forfeiture: MK LAW

Vic Roads Demerit point system. Knowing your rights with Michael Kuzilny - MK LAW

Michael Kuzilny: MK LAW is one of Melbourne’s leading criminal defense lawyers. MK LAW has been representing clients for traffic charges, police charges, and demerit point suspensions for many years, with outstanding outcomes. One area of concern for many drivers these days has been the VicRoads demerit point system

Drink Driving Laws Victoria. Knowing your rights with Michael Kuzilny: MK LAW

Michael Kuzilny is has been dealing with Australia's drink driving laws for over 30 years. Michael Kuzilny from MK LAW can give you some free advice on how to get your license back after a drink driving offence.

Drunk driving in a driveway. Knowing your rights with Michael Kuzilny: MK LAW

Michael Kuzilny is a Barrister & Solicitor who has been dealing with drink driving laws and defenses for over 30 years. If you need some free advice about a drink driving offence or being caught drink driving in your driveway, please feel free to call Michael Kuzilny from MK LAW. Michael Kuzilny is one of Australia's leading defense lawyers.

Getting your licence back after Drink Driving offence. Knowing your rights with Michael Kuzilny: MK LAW

Michael Kuzilny from MK LAW is an expert traffic, criminal, and drink driving lawyer. He has been dealing with traffic and criminal law since 1986. Michael Kuzilny can give you free advice on how to regain your license after a drink driving offence. Michael Kuzilny from MK LAW

Drug Driving Penalties Victoria: Knowing your rights with Michael Kuzilny: MK LAW

Michael Kuzilny is a barrister and solicitor who has been dealing with drink driving and drug driving laws for many years. He is also a legal expert in the national media when it comes to drug driving laws and defences.

Drink Driving Penalties Victoria. Knowing your rights with Michael Kuzilny: MKLAW

Michael Kuzilny is an expert when it comes to drink driving laws in Victoria and Australia. He is a barrister and solicitor and has been helping clients for many years when it comes to drink driving offences. Michael Kuzilny is also a legal expert on national television and is a published author

Drink Driving Penalties Victoria. Knowing your rights with Michael Kuzilny - MK LAW

Michael Kuzilny is a barrister and solicitor who has been dealing with drink driving laws for over 30 years. He is an expert in this field and is a trusted legal expert in the national media. Michael Kuzilny from MK LAW can help you with your drink driving offences

Avoiding Impoundment or Forfeiture of vehicle: Knowing your rights with Michael Kuzilny: MK LAW

Michael Kuzilny is a traffic law expert who has been dealing with traffic laws Victoria for over 30 years. In this article Michael Kuzilny explains how drivers can avoid further impoundment or forfeiture of their cars.

Alcohol Interlock Devices Victoria: Knowing your rights with Michael Kuzilny - MK LAW

Michael Kuzilny, Barrister and Solicitor from MK LAW has been dealing with traffic and criminal law matters in Victoria for more then 30 years. In this article Michael Kuzilny explains the complex laws of alcohol interlock devices.

St Vincent de Paul chief fined over second .05 offence

St Vincent de Paul chief fined over second .05 offence

Russian Waterpolo hockey captain

Russian Waterpolo hockey captain

Rock Star escapes jail

Rock Star escapes jail

Over the limit, keeps licence

Over the limit, keeps licence

Policewoman with 40 counts of unlicensed driving avoids conviction

Policewoman with 40 counts of unlicensed driving avoids conviction

Fraud Charges Value of Fraud $150,000

Fraud Charges Value of Fraud $150,000

Deception Charges 155 counts – incl. cannabis charges, false identity.

Deception Charges 155 counts – incl. cannabis charges, false identity.

Drug Charges $40,000 worth. Use/Possession/Traffic

Drug Charges $40,000 worth. Use/Possession/Traffic

My 10 Point Commitment

10 Point Commitment


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by MK LAW.

Douglas ,

Hi Michael

Thank you sincerely for your legal representation over the past six months for our daughter Natalie. As we now know, a case at the County court takes a long time, and this was one of the most challenging experiences for our whole family. While we have been distraught over our daughters actions, we have come to deeply appreciate your professional and sensitive handling of the whole matter for us.

We are very pleased and thankful with the outcome for our daughter. This result has given all of us new hope for the future, and we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being not just our lawyer, but also treating us like true friends. On behalf of our whole family and our children, may I express our thanks and appreciation for your personal support and professionalism in handling what has been for us a most difficult time. God bless you. You really are more than a lawyer.

Yours sincerely,

Cindy ,

Dear Mr Michael Kuzilny LLB (Hons) Lawyer

Again, thank you very much for the top effort at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court yesterday. David and I were so impressed with the way you presented the case that resulted in the positive outcome in yesterdays court appearance. I am tremendously pleased. As you are aware, the case was not with out its difficulties, However you presented with considerable effort that may well have swayed the court to rule in my favor. Clearly you are a skilled barrister and respected leader in the community of which I am very grateful. It was of great comfort to have you represent me in this matter and made an unpleasant experience bearable. Well done Michael, you did a top job, and am grateful for the respect, skill and kindness you exercised. You are worth you weight in diamonds, furthermore I will ( with your permission of course) highly recommend you personally and the services of your office to anyone who may have to face court in the future. Thanks also for keeping the costs down. Most lawyers charge like wounded bulls. Wow. I thought all lawyers were stiffnecks, but you are a real person ! Good work


Stephen J. ,

Thanks heaps Michael,

Please let me take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely on behalf of myself and my son Stewart, for the effort you put into achieving the very pleasing outcome in this matter.

To be honest your performance was stupendous. It was a delight to watch you in action. I don’t think that I will ever forget it. I have placed your business card in a safe place (should I ever need to contact you again). In the meantime I will most certainly recommend you to all those I know, and we are watching your show, ‘A life in Crime’ every week, enjoying the special life messages you share with the viewers. Well done Michael, on being more then just a lawyer, but really taking the time out to get Stewart’s life back on track. I was so happy that I was given your name, because when I did the ring around, every lawyer I spoke to mainly spoke about the money. It was all about the money, and not my son. I take my hat of to you for that. Good luck with all your future projects Michael. I don’t know where you find the time.

Yours sincerely,

Peter ,

Mr Kuzilny,

Thank you for your representation in my drink driving charge.

I have been thinking about the result and wondering just how we I managed to escape a prison term. I feel truly blessed. I greatly appreciate your counsel in achieving this wonderful outcome, and for giving me some life advice, and how to get over my depression. Like you said, life is a short journey, and that I should live a life free of fear, and just be happy being myself. I have started doing that. You’re wonderful and if I may say so from the bottom of my heart – You are one of the best lawyers on the planet.

Best wishes to you and your family.

PS. Given up the grog completely ! And feeling much better too.

Dorothy (Peter’s mum) ,

Dear Michael,

I wish to thank you for an excellent result in my sons matter.

The outcome is thanks to your hard work and, from what I have heard, the attention you have given to the matter throughout its duration. I am happy that the real situation came out in court, and not what the prosecutors alleged.


Sharim ,

Dear Mr Michael

Just a short note to thank you for your guidance and expertise with my case yesterday. My friends want to thank you too. A criminal record would have had a very negative impact on our student visa, and our future in this country would have been ruined. (of course due to our stupidity of getting involved in shoplifting) It always makes matters a lot easier to work with someone who is open, honest and down to earth and who doesn’t judge people. I always felt confident that you would be a friend and help us get a no conviction outcome. All three of us are greatful that we can stay in Australia to create successful futures thanks to you. We love India, but Australia has far more opportunities. We will always be greatful and forward your good name to the rest of the Indian community. Best wishes and good luck, PS We all enjoyed the book very much.

Benjamin ,

Dear Michael,

Thanks for all of your hard work on my matter, I was very happy with the outcome yesterday you did a great job. I am so wrapped that the magistrate didn’t take my licence for too much longer. I was a dickhead and made plenty of mistakes in the past, but thanks to that long talk we had after the case, I have really put down my goals, and made a lot of great changes. I am really happy I met you Michael – I never thought that Lawyers were like you. Hopefully I will never need your services again but if I do I will give you a call. I will not hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends if they face a similar situation. Your service was worth every cent, and I’m glad that the fine was so small.

Kind Regards,

TMD 247 ,

Ranko Cosic ,

Narelle ,

Gr8gr67 ,


CON 76 ,

ADE 72 ,

Adam Martin ,

RYAN B 123 ,




David 225 ,

Hayden Young ,

Greg Brown ,

Wizzard 69 ,

   Kuzilny, Michael.  Legal firm:  MK LAW.   

Robbie Bal ,

MK LAW.  Review for Michael Kuzilny.  Barrister & Solicitor. 

Mark Casey ,

Jimmy Bean ,

  Michael Kuzilny from MK LAW is a very good man!

Dave Z ,

Chad 121 ,

        He has been around the legal game for many years, and gets on extremely welll with all the people in the courts.   Michael Kuzilny from MK LAW is the best of the best.  If you are lucky enough to get him at a time when his client roster is not filled up, seize the opporunity.   You will be in very good and caring hands.

Luke ,
Dear Michael, Just a quick note to thank you and your firm for the professionalism you have shown in handling my matter. You are definitely a firm of choice that I would recommend ALL to. P.S. Thanks for keeping my licence too. I have referred you to all my mates.
Dorothy ,
Dearest Michael God bless you for bringing more justice to the land in which we live. Thank you so much for taking time out to spend time and talk to my son about the grief and loss he has been going through. Thank you also for inspiring him with your success book, and giving him tips to make the most of life. You truly are heaven sent ! Although my son got in trouble with the law, Bevan really is a good person; I’m glad you saw that. I am also glad the magistrate saw it too. Brilliant representation; 10 out of 10.
Marty & the boys ! ,
Mr Michael Kuzilny – Barrister & Solicitor, We broke the law, we took the chance, and it all backfired, but we learned our lesson. Thank you so much for believing our story, and for not judging, and for supporting us like a mate. We really all feared prison, and those nasty shower scences. All three of us Michael have read your book on success, and mate you are completely right. There is no need for the party drugs, and the binge drinking. Life’s too short, and we have set out that business and marketing plan, and the opening of our business is in three months. You will be a vip at the opening. Couldn’t have got a better result thanks to you. I liked that you had respect but heaps of confidence too. Loved ‘Success you can make it’ One of the best books on success I have ever read; and I’ve read many. I can not thank you enough not just for being an excellent lawyer, but for being there for us, for listening, and for not only keeping us out of the can, but for changing our lives for the better and giving us a whole new direction. We’ll keep you informed about the restaurant. Take good care, and never change your style. You are a credit to your profession !
Thomas ,
Michael, My wife Debra and I wish to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Mate, you are too good to be a lawyer. As you know the nature of the charges against my wife were extremely serious, and the whole process of being charged, fingerprinted and processed like a real crook shattered her. She mucked up and cooked up the books, but at the end of the day, I really believe that the underlying grief and the death of her sister had a great impact on her crimes. She has lived with a very real and constant fear of prison most of this year, which has exhausted her and stressed her out even more. The purpose of this email is to congratulate you for being real, and for giving us a fresh start. The case Michael was handled so professionally, and you really gave Debra some great tips on how to deal with the wait. I want to thank your firm, for the extraordinary work you have all done. It must have been Karma, that I found your add in yellow pages. The book fell on the ground, and the page openend up with your smiling face looking at us. I am glad that we have put this challenge behind us now. Today is a new day. Well done Michael for seeing your job as a calling rather then a money pit. I wish more people in your profession were more real, down to earth and non pretentious. Top work !
Paul & Sonia ,
Hi Michael, A happy 2008 Michael, and our sincere blessings and thanks are coming to you from the whole _____ family for helping Adam. For a good young man, lacking in self-confidence and having experienced the whole police charging process, it made him feel a lot better about the whole business to know that you felt that an injustice had been done to him. Everyone just said plead guilty, plead guilty; but you said on this occasion that would be the wrong thing to do. We still cannot believe it has turned out so well and we know without your guidance on this, it may have been a whole different story. Thanks for acting like a mentor during this three month wait before the court case, and for taking the time out to give Adam your tips on leading a successful and happy life. Those tips have really worked, and in the last couple of months Adam has transformed his life completely. You are a miracle worker. Thank you.
Stretch ,
Hi Michael Kuzilny, I just wanted to pass onto you my warmest and heart felt Thank You. Your professional attitude, approach, experience and guidance throughout my case was a direct link to achieving that top outcome. I was amazed that the judge allowed me to keep my licence after having such a shitty traffic history. It was really great how you pointed out what I told you about wanting a fresh start, and putting all this crap behind me. It was great to see that you actually spoke to people, and got a lot of the charges dropped, rather then just walking into court, like my previous lawyer. Mick, I’m glad three of my mates referred me to you, you’re a good man. Once again, I really appreciate what you have done for me, and my life has really started taking on a new and better direction thanks to your kind advice and life tips. Thanks heaps again,

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MKLAW ?

The team consists of me, Michael Kuzilny, my executive assistant, and a handful of sharp legal minds with whom I work in conjunction. I have been working in the criminal justice system for many years. I am on top of the current laws and loopholes and pride myself on achieving the best outcome for all my clients. I know this is a stressful time for you. We will make the process of going to court pain free and simple. We will treat you like a good friend, and keep you updated every step along the way.

The good news is that if it comes to criminal law and traffic charges I will certainly represent you at all times, and not pass you onto some junior lawyer like you get in a lot of legal firms these days. If the matter falls outside traffic and criminal law, we can certainly refer you to a range of good and decent lawyers who we work with on a regular basis.

I will always give you fearless and courageous representation. Whether we plead guilty or not guilty or negotiate for charges to be withdrawn, in all cases I will fight strongly for your legal rights, with a view of getting you the best outcome and hopefully making your life a bit happier again. Everything we discuss will be confidential. I will keep costs to a minimum and charge you a fair and one of legal fee for my services.

Do I need a lawyer?

If you have been summoned or bailed to appear in court, I think you probably already know that it is very important to appoint a lawyer to represent you. Deciding to represent yourself is usually not a good move. You obviously stand a far less chance of obtaining a good outcome. You could end up behind bars, or lose your licence for much longer than otherwise. Furthermore, if you waste the court’s time because you do not know the correct procedures and protocols, you risk incurring the magistrate’s or judge’s displeasure. The best advice is “Leave it to your lawyer.” I can only take on a limited number of clients each month, so please call me as soon as possible after your receive your summons to attend court.

Will all lawyers get the same outcome?

No. Like any profession or trade, there are competent lawyers and others who are not so competent. There are lawyers with big egos, lawyers who put money first, and lawyers who love to put other lawyers down, so they can get the job over another lawyer. I understand everyone is giving it their best shot. Your appearance in court, however, is too important to be left up to chance. If your lawyer gets it wrong, and you end up in prison or lose your licence for too long, you’ll be faced with having to spend more money on expensive appeals. In saying that, there are plenty of good and competent lawyers practicing in Victoria. Ring around and find someone that best suits your needs.

How much does it cost?

Each case is different, of course. First we have to work out which way to plead, and then we will work out the cheapest way to do it, in one flat fee. Our legal fees are very reasonable, and they can be paid on credit card or in installments if you wish.

One thing I can promise you is this. I will not charge you the proverbial “arm and a leg.” Once I have spoken with you by phone and obtained a good understanding of your case, we will then meet up as soon as possible to decide which way to plead. The decision whether to plead guilty or not guilty will include the nature of the charge, the likelihood of you being found guilty, the strength of the evidence against you, and the advantage in penalty by pleading guilty.

If I choose to represent you, I will keep the costs down. I will tell you my fee and that will be that. It will be a flat fee for all legal work and court representation. No gimmicks. I won’t charge you for phone calls or find other smart ways of making your bill larger.

What will you do to get me the best result possible?

I will give you honest, prompt, and powerful court representation. If we decide that I can help you with your case, I will meet up with you asap and find out all the positive things about you and your case, and find out exactly what happened on the day of the offence. I will then get the brief, and organize meetings with all relevant parties.

I’ve been around the criminal justice system for many years, and I will do everything possible to help you get your life back on track, including to vigorously attack the prosecution brief if needed. 

I realize life is stressful enough without having a court case hanging over your head. So once  we meet up and I get my instructions from you, you can then sit back and relax. There is nothing  more you need to do except come to court on the day, and perhaps organize some character references or some other reports. I will handle the rest. I will make this as painless and simple for you as possible. I promise! Your future is in safe hands.

What happens if I’m not happy with my outcome?

If you are not happy with the outcome at the Magistrates’ Court, we can appeal within 28 days to have the case re-heard at the County Court. This means we get a second chance to represent the case. It is very rare that I have appealed any of the cases I have appeared in. I think it is better to get it right the first time, and get the problem out of the way at the earliest opportunity.

Received a summons or on bail?

If you have received your summons or you are on bail, please call me promptly. The sooner we can get start working on your case, and do some damage control the better. Please do not leave this important matter until the last minute. Better to get onto it promptly and put it behind us and move on with life.

You can contact me anytime directly on 041 555 7011 to have an obligation-free chat, or you can also e-mail me for some free confidential advice


criminal law, criminal lawyers, domestic assault, sexual assault, drink driving, assault, shoplifting, traffic offences, traffic law, criminal justice


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