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Suite 5, Level 1, 118 Halifax St, Adelaide CBD SA 5000

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Business Overview

Criminal Law Specialists. We provide sound, robust and expert legal representation.


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Our Team Profiles

Stephen Ey

Stephen Ey


LLB. (Founding Partner)


With over 30 years of criminal law experience Mr Stephen Ey is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Mangan Ey & Associates Pty Ltd. Admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia in 1978 he has practiced exclusively in criminal law ever since. Mr Ey has appeared as counsel in all jurisdictions including the Court of Criminal Appeal and the High Court of Australia. He has acted as counsel in countless trials including many high profile cases successfully securing acquittals or nolle prosequis (withdrawal of charges). He is highly regarded as leading one of the best criminal law firms in South Australia. Mr Ey served on the Criminal Law committee from 1985 until 1998. Mr Ey has represented Australia in the Jessup Memorial Mooting Competition in America in 1978 and also enjoys passing on his knowledge and expertise when invited to guest lecture at the University of South Australia to students studying criminal law. A shrewd negotiator, with a no nonsense approach, you can be confident in obtaining the appropriate result, whether it be an acquittal of the charge, the charge being withdrawn, downgraded, or the minimum penalty imposed.

Anthony Allen

Anthony Allen


LLB. GCLP (Partner)


Mr Anthony Allen is the first legal practitioner since the founding partners to be made partner at Mangan Ey & Associates. Graduating with a Bachelor of Laws in 1999, he has a Graduate Certificate of Legal Practice and is an admitted practitioner of the Supreme Court of South Australia and High Court of Australia with over 10 years experience. Working in private practice throughout law school, he joined the Legal Services Commission in 2000 before moving onto the Director of Public Prosecutions in 2005 gaining invaluable trial experience as well as insight into the processes and procedures of prosecuting authorities. He returned to private practice joining the team at Mangan Ey & Associates in early 2008 and has successfully gained numerous acquittals and nolle prosequis. He has a first rate knowledge of the law, and an empathy with his clients, having worked both sides of the bar table. Mr Allen also enjoys his experience as lecturer and tutor of Criminal Law at the University of South Australia.

Elizabeth Porter

Elizabeth Porter




Ms Elizabeth Porter has over five years experience in the criminal law working with high profile barristers before being admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia in 2005. Ms Porter has completed a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice as well as a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Literature. Ms Porter has been junior counsel in a number of Supreme Court murder trials and senior counsel in a large number of District Court trials. She has practiced solely in criminal defence and traffic law, joining the Mangan Ey team in 2008 where she continues to do the same. Ms Porter is friendly, enthusiastic and committed to achieving the right result in your criminal or traffic matter.

Peter Morrison

Peter Morrison


BA LLB. GDLP. GradCert in Law (Criminal Law)


With a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts, a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice and Graduate Certificate in Law, Mr Peter Morrison was admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia in August 2005. He went on to work as Crown prosecutor and solicitor with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions giving him valuable trial experience and insight into the practices and procedures of prosecuting authorities. He left his position at the South Australian DPP in 2008 to complete a year as crown prosecutor with the Queensland Office of the DPP before joining the team at Mangan Ey & Associates. Mr Morrison is an experienced trial counsel having conducted a substantial number of District Court Trials with significant success. He brings a unique blend of youth and experience to the firm. Mr Morrison has also tutored at the University of Adelaide Law School.

Leesah Randall

Leesah Randall




With a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of International Studies and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice Ms Leesah Randall is an admitted practitioner of the Supreme Court of South Australia. She is an invaluable member of the Mangan Ey team having practiced exclusively in defence work since joining us in February 2009. Cheerful and enthusiastic, she has a sound knowledge of the law, and has already acted as instructing solicitor in a high profile murder case in the Supreme Court.

Andrew Ey

Andrew Ey




Andrew Ey has a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. He will be admitted as a practitioner of the Supreme Court of South Australia in October 2010 and has worked for Mangan Ey & Associates for over 3 years. He has been brought up in the environment of criminal law and looking after the underdog. He has a real grasp of what it takes to be a successful criminal lawyer.

Treena, Kristy & Lynton

Treena, Kristy & Lynton



The brains and brawn of the operation our staff are friendly and more than happy to help. Please feel free to contact them with any inquiries, account issues and trust payments. Should you have misplaced or forgotten your next court date we ask that before calling the office, however, please call the Magistrates Call Centre on 8204 2444.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can We Help?

Areas of Practice:

Mangan Ey & Associates specialise solely in criminal and traffic law. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the matters we can help you with to ensure you have solid, sound advice and representation that secures you the best result possible. Make an appointment to meet with one of our team and we will advise you about the offence charged, including what the prosecution must prove, defences available and the likely outcome. Going to court can be a daunting experience, but having Mangan Ey & Associates represent you ensures you need not worry. No matter is too big or too small for our firm to handle.

Traffic Offences including

  • Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (Drink Driving), Drive Under Influence
  • Drive without Due Care
  • Licence Appeals
  • Trifling Applications and Reduction in the Loss of Demerit Points
  • Drive Whilst Disqualified, Suspended or Canceled

Criminal Law including

  • Murder and Manslaughter
  • Drug offences (All Drugs, Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin, MDMA & Amphetamines)
  • possession
  • trafficking
  • manufacturing
  • importation
  • Sexual Offences including Unlawful Sexual Intercourse, Rape and Pedophilia
  • Overnight arrests
  • Bail Applications in All Courts including Supreme Court Bail Reviews
  • Breaches of bail, bonds and suspended sentences
  • Drunk & Disorderly, Resist Police
  • Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Dangerous Driving Causing Harm
  • Dangerous Driving Causing Death
  • Theft, Larceny and Deception
  • Serious Criminal Trespass
  • Centrelink Fraud
  • Major Fraud
  • Child Pornography (possession)
  • Commonwealth Offences including Fraud and Importation
  • White Collar Crime
  • Extradition
  • Coronial Inquiries
  • Corruption Offences


criminal law, drugs, lawyer, traffic, murder, manslaughter, fraud, assault, white collar, crime

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Monday 08:30am to 05:30pm
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Friday 08:30am to 05:30pm

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