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Macedone Legal

Address: Suite 3, 16 Gibbs Street Miranda NSW 2228

Also Services: Sydney


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Criminal and Civil Lawyers For The Greater Sydney Region

Macedone Legal are criminal defence lawyers. Sam Macedone holds specialist accreditation from the Law Society of New South Wales in the field of Criminal Law. The Macedone Legal team, which includes Jason Keane and Anthony Grifoni, operate in the Sutherland Shire, St George area, Bankstown,...

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Our Team Profiles

Sam Macedone LL.B Name

Sam Macedone LL.B


Accredited Specialist Criminal Lawyers

Year Joined



Sam joined the law firm that is now known as Macedone Christie Willis of Jannali and Miranda in 1971, and became a partner in that firm one year later. He retired from Macedone Christie Willis in June 2007 to start his own firm, Macedone Legal, at Suite 3, 16 Gibbs Street, Miranda, New South Wales, 2228. Sam holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Sydney University and was admitted to practise as a solicitor in 1970. Sam has a wide range of legal experience gained over 36 years of practical application, but predominantly in the field of litigation. He has had the conduct of matters during that period in the Local Courts, District Courts, the Supreme Court, the Court of Criminal Appeal and in the High Court of Australia. As an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist, he is mainly involved in criminal advocacy work and some selected commercial litigation. He has been notably involved in a number of high profile cases, both criminal and civil. He is particularly dedicated to the preservation of the legal rights of the individual and the prevention of the innocent being convicted of a criminal offence. Sam is a past president and current life member of the St George Sutherland Regional Law Society and an honorary solicitor of various organisations and associations. Sam was a past Chairman and Executive Director of Austlaw Pty Limited which is an association of 19 independent law firms throughout New South Wales and Victoria and Queensland. Sam’s escape from his otherwise hardworking regime is his main hobby/sport, golf.

Jason Keane  B.A, LL.B Name

Jason Keane B.A, LL.B


Senior Solicitor - Criminal Law

Year Joined



Jason joined Sam Macedone’s criminal law team at Macedone Christie Willis at the start of 2007, and was invited to join Sam when the opened his new firm, Macedone Legal. A natural advocate with a thorough knowledge of criminal law and procedure, Jason has an excellent record of delivering outstanding results for his clients in Court in both defended hearings and in sentencing matters. He has dedicated his career to the criminal law and has worked extensively in both private practice and in the criminal justice public sector. He is also the author or co-author of several legal publications on subjects such as sentencing and the law of homicide in NSW. Jason has represented clients in a wide variety of criminal matters, and has also developed a niche area of expertise advising and representing firearms owners and professional and sporting shooters. He has assisted many clients in defending firearms related charges and helped them to retain their licenses and firearms. Jason studied law at the University of Newcastle, and also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Canberra University. He is working towards his goal of obtaining Specialist Accreditation in Criminal Law in the near future. Outside Court, Jason is a long-serving Grade cricketer and an A Grade golfer of alarming inconsistency. Jason is only too willing to help you with your particular legal problem, so why not give him a call at our Miranda office on 02 9525 3700 to find out what he can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we provide advice for? We can provide advice on:- 1. Personal Protection Orders 2. Family/Domestic Protection Orders 3. Defending Apprehended Violence Orders sought to be made against you 4. Proving need for Orders and the necessity of same 5. Intimidation claims/allegations 6. Stalking claims/allegations 7. Telephone Interim Orders 8. Variation or Revocation of Court Orders 9. Contravening an Order - the consequences Breaches of Apprehended Violence Orders carry fines of up to $5,500.00 and terms of imprisonment of up to two years. What are some examples of Driving Offences? There are various driving offences. Some of these include:- 1. Dangerous Driving/Dangerous Navigation Causing Death/Grievous Bodily Harm 2. Drink Driving – PCA, Refuse Breath Test, DVI 3. Negligent Driving, Causing Death or Grievous Bodily Harm 4. Speeding Over 30kph/40kph above the Speed Limit 5. Drive Manner Dangerous, Drive at Speed Dangerous 6. Drive Recklessly, Drive Furiously 7. Drive Whilst Disqualified, Drive Whilst Cancelled, Drive Whilst Suspended 8. Menacing Driving 9. Red Lights, School Zone Breaches Driving offences of a serious nature can and do attract prison sentences. In most cases, they are dealt with by way of fines with a disqualification from holding a driver’s licence. Licence disqualification is mandatory in many cases, with some discretion in the Court to reduce the mandatory periods, however sometimes no discretion is available, or it is limited. What are some other Criminal Offences? 1. Firearms Offences 1. Unregistered Firearms 2. Being Unlicensed 3. Unsafe Keeping of Firearms 2. Public Order Offences 1. Riot 2. Affray 3. Offensive Conduct 4. Offensive Language 3. Commissions 1. Corrupt Receipt of Commissions 2. Corrupt Receipt of Benefits 3. Being a Corrupt Trustee 4. Forgery and False Instruments 1. Computer Offences 2. Falsifying Documents 5. Assist in Suicide 6. Receive Benefit/Advantage by Deception What are some Serious Criminal Offences? 1. Murder, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter 2. Malicious Wounding Causing Grievous Bodily Harm 3. Abduction 1. Kidnapping 2. Procuring an Abduction 4. Property Offences 1. Robbery/Armed Robbery in company 2. Extortion 3. Housebreaking 4. Larceny 5. Embezzlement 6. Fraud 7. Deception 8. Bail Applications