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Wire actor 'Snoop' held in drug raid

The Sunday Age

Sunday March 13, 2011

WASHINGTON. The Wire actor Felicia "Snoop" Pearson has been charged with conspiring to sell heroin after being arrested by police in a Baltimore raid.Pearson, who used her real nickname in the US television series, was among 37 people detained.David Simon, the former crime reporter who created The Wire, in a statement on Pearson's behalf, said: "This young lady has, from her earliest moments, had one of the hardest lives imaginable."Raised in the foster care system, "Snoop" Pearson became involved in drug dealing as a child.At 14, she was convicted of second-degree murder the equivalent of manslaughter after killing a girl in a street fight, and served five years of an eight-year sentence.Todd Hyatt, Pearson's lawyer, said his client maintained she "had no involvement in this matter".

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