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Round and round the courtroom, like a teddy bear

Sydney Morning Herald

Saturday February 12, 2011

WAVERLEY COUNCIL is to pull down a much-loved children's tree house on the grounds that it might lead to litigation. Today's children are notoriously litigious, firing off letters of demand at the slightest provocation. Lawyers' waiting rooms are packed with tiny clients, and court lists jammed with cases arising from unfair hogging of the swings, or gross misuse of the slippery-dip. It is a sad fact of today's world that one pull of the pigtails or a slighting reference to hair colour can end up in court, with juries too ready to award vast sums to the slighted. And need we mention the possibility of injury? A grazed knee or stubbed toe might have been shrugged off once, but today's experts know that though the physical damage may heal, the emotional scars last a lifetime. Childhood must be perfect in all respects, and injury implies a loss of that perfection. How could any normal child cope? The possibility of injury, loss or detriment of any kind must be eliminated. Not only that, but fun must be compulsory. Any child found not having fun should be seized and sent to counselling until they start having fun. Better still, send them to Waverley. That'll teach them.

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