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What You Need to Know About Bail

Tuesday September 23, 2014
What is bail? Bail is defined as the temporary release of an accused person w ...

Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking

Tuesday September 23, 2014
It's inevitable for lawyers to get called on to speak. In addition to the cour ...

An Overview on Divorce in Australia

Tuesday September 23, 2014
Laws on divorce and separation vary, depending on what country you reside. Her ...

Quick Guide to Legal Aid in Australia

Thursday September 4, 2014
If you have a legal issue but are having difficulty paying for legal represent ...

Jury Service FAQs

Friday August 29, 2014
Q: What is jury service? A: Jury service is a civic duty that involves functi ...

Qualities to Search For in a Lawyer

Wednesday August 20, 2014
There are around 60,000 practicing solicitors in Australia. Unfortunately for ...

How To Keep Your Cool In Court

Monday August 11, 2014
The courtroom can be a difficult place to work because of the intense negative ...

Methods of Researching Your Judge

Thursday June 12, 2014
The judge is one of the most important people in the courtroom. Even with the ...

Marketing Tips For Law Firms

Thursday June 12, 2014
For all their years of instruction at uni and law school, many lawyers are not ...

A Quick Guide On Wrongful Death Claims

Tuesday June 3, 2014
What are wrongful death claims? Wrongful death claims are lawsuits filed agai ...

Communication Tips for Lawyers in the Courtroom

Tuesday June 3, 2014
Communication is one of the skills that a lawyer needs to cultivate, especiall ...

Guide to Making a Great Sales Pitch

Monday May 19, 2014
Everyone is in the business of sales; many just don't realise it yet--and this ...

Ways to Improve Communication With Clients

Saturday May 10, 2014
One of the top complaints clients make against their lawyers is poor communica ...

How to Handle a Difficult Judge

Saturday May 10, 2014
Most judges are exemplary. They patiently listen to difficult cases all day, d ...

Making Your First Court Appearance

Monday April 28, 2014
Posted on Month Day, 2014 by Michael Martin Leao You may have survive ...

How to Make Law Firm Partner

Monday April 28, 2014
Posted on April 28, 2014 by Michael Martin Leao Making partner in the ...

Things That Law School Doesn't Teach You

Thursday March 20, 2014
Law school is your next step to becoming a lawyer. It does a great job of teac ...

Empathy for Lawyers

Thursday March 13, 2014
When U.S. President Barack Obama nominated Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the nation ...

Tips on Surviving and Thriving in Law Exams

Thursday March 13, 2014
Posted on March 13, 2014 by Michael Martin Leao Continued existence ...

How to Prepare and Deliver an Opening Statement

Thursday March 13, 2014
Posted on March 13, 2014 by Michael Martin Leao The opening stateme ...