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The leading specialist in Compensation, Negligence and Insurance Claims Australia wide.
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The leading specialist in Compensation, Negligence and Insurance Claims Australia wide.
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Jackson Lalic Lawyers was established in February 2008 by partners Peter Jackson and David Lalic. Jackson Lalic Lawyers provides legal services to financial institutions, lenders, private and listed companies, small business, individuals and Government at all levels. The emphasis at Jackson Lalic Lawyers is to provide assistance in a cost-effective and imaginative way. The staff at Jackson Lalic Lawyers is experienced at providing the clients the attention their matter requires, including rapid reporting of developments. Jackson Lalic Lawyers are comfortable to offer advice as the matter proceeds and, in litigation, on the apparent strengths and weaknesses of a claim or defence. Jackson Lalic Lawyers has, on its professional staff, an Australian solicitor who migrated from South Korea having completed a law degree in South Korea, followed by 5 years of banking experience in South Korea. Jackson Lalic Lawyers also has on its professional staff an Australian solicitor who is a visiting academic at Peking University in Beijing.
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Transportation Lawyers

Transportation law is the body of laws and policies which governs the transportation industry of Australia. This law regulates all types of travel including those used in coastal, land and air transportation. All types of transport services are also covered under this law such as the transportation of passengers, cargoes and goods.

What is Transportation Law?

Transportation law covers all transport-related issues including aviation, freight forwarding, passenger claims, shipping, road and rail haulage, collisions and charter parties and many other issues related to the transportation industry. Under this law, the federal or state laws of Australia may provide regulations on the rates that should be charged to passengers, rates that should be charged to cargoes shipped through the international ports, kinds of cargoes that should be shipped and tax exemptions to drivers or operators. This law also aims to provide financial help to some of the transport industries in Australia.

Transportation law also provides rules and regulations on international trade, salvage and wreck removal, crane operations, contractual agreements, occupational health and safety and personal injury. It likewise sets regulations on the use of transportation technology and on pollution and environmental effects of transportation.

Who Needs Transportation Lawyers?

Transportation law can benefit every individual or company which main business revolves around the transportation industry. Anyone who has issues related to the transport industry can benefit from this law and from the expertise of the transportation law firms and lawyers.

Transportation law firms and lawyers have specific knowledge on legal matters concerning the transaction in the transportation industry. Their expertise can be beneficial to people and businesses who are facing any of the following transport-related issues:

  • Freight forwarding
  • Collisions
  • Pollution and other environmental effects
  • Freight forwarding
  • Aviation
  • Charter parties
  • Road and rail haulage
  • Salvage and wreck removal
  • Shipping
  • Crane operations

Transportation law firms and lawyers can also provide legal help and advice to people who are facing litigations in court with regards to the above-mentioned issues. They can also help in instances where there are passenger claims, personal injury, and issues related to occupational health and safety.

Transport law covers broad topics and only the transportation law firms and lawyers know the ins and outs of this law. For more information about the transportation law, contact a transportation law firm or lawyer.