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Local Government Lawyers

Local government law is the body of legislations that is focused on regulating the activities of people and local government units in matters concerning the improvement of the locality or area covered by the jurisdiction of the local government. Activities governed under the local government law include town planning, property and commercial developments and environmental works and projects.

What is Local Government Law?

Local government law establishes limitations on activities done by individuals, corporations or developers on a certain locality. This law also aims to control the work or powers exercised by local authorities. Under this law, development projects in a certain district or town are regulated and are made to comply with the laws that aim to protect both the people living in the area and the environment.

Local government law aims to encourage local authorities and their subordinates to comply with the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. Any activity that may have a significant impact on the environment and the people living in the vicinity require approval from the local government. Local government authorities will then review each project proposal and ensure that the projects comply with the EPBC Act and the local government law.

Examples of activities that may be subject to review for compliance of the government law include the clearing of native vegetation, activities that may interfere with the natural flow of water and the construction of buildings and other infrastructure such as the construction of roads and highways.

Who Needs Local Government Lawyers?

Local government law is a complicated law which is embodied by a number of legislations and acts. Local government law firms and lawyers have specific skills regarding the legislations covered in the local government law. The expertise of these professionals can be beneficial to people who are facing disputes concerning the local government law.

Local government law firms and lawyers can provide legal advice and legal assistance to people who are currently doing local government negotiations. They can also offer their services to people who are facing town planning disputes and want to make an appeal in court. Local law firms and lawyers can also provide advice on planning, environmental issues arising from commercial or property developments and on local laws and local government matters especially those concerning property or commercial developments.

Furthermore, local government law firms and lawyers can provide legal assistance in the drafting of contracts for environmental works and advice on the process of claiming for compulsory acquisition.

For more information about the scope of the local government law and on the range of services that can be offered by local government lawyers and law firms, contact a local government law firm or lawyer.