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Greg Finlayson heads a practice in Adelaide South Australia which is focussed on providing legal advice in property and international transactions with a particular ficus on trade between Australia and Indonesia.
175C King William Road, Hyde Park SA 5061
Also Services: Hyde Park
This business is specialised in Immigraiton law, Family law and property & business transactions
Apartment 26, 8 James St, Perth CBD WA 6000
Also Services: WA
Vintage Lawyers is a dynamic law firm specialising in tax advice and dispute resolution, superannuation, insolvency, financial services and corporations law.
Level 36, 1 Macquarie Place, Sydney CBD NSW 2000
The MMLC Group is an award-winning boutique international law firm, with offices in Brisbane, Australia, and abroad. It is focused on providing cost-efficient legal and business services for its clients, in the areas of intellectual property, corporate and international trade law.
Level 19 Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane CBD QLD 4000
Jackson Lalic Lawyers was established in February 2008 by partners Peter Jackson and David Lalic. Jackson Lalic Lawyers provides legal services to financial institutions, lenders, private and listed companies, small business, individuals and Government at all levels. The emphasis at Jackson Lalic Lawyers is to provide assistance in a cost-effective and imaginative way. The staff at Jackson Lalic Lawyers is experienced at providing the clients the attention their matter requires, including rapid reporting of developments. Jackson Lalic Lawyers are comfortable to offer advice as the matter proceeds and, in litigation, on the apparent strengths and weaknesses of a claim or defence. Jackson Lalic Lawyers has, on its professional staff, an Australian solicitor who migrated from South Korea having completed a law degree in South Korea, followed by 5 years of banking experience in South Korea. Jackson Lalic Lawyers also has on its professional staff an Australian solicitor who is a visiting academic at Peking University in Beijing.
Level 16, 115 Pitt Street, Sydney CBD NSW 2000

International Law & Trade Lawyers

International law & trade is the body of laws established to govern the transactions involving goods and services that cross national boundaries. This law provides policies and regulations for handling trade between nations or between private companies from different countries.

What is International Law & Trade?

International law & trade is the body of law which regulates the international and foreign trade of goods including imports and exports, tariffs, quotas, prohibited items, duties, and other transactions involving trade with foreign countries or companies. Under this law, the importations and exportations of goods are controlled.

International law & trade imposes restrictions on what kind of goods can enter the state of Australia and what kind of goods can be exported. This law also places tariffs on such goods. Violations of any form of the international law & trade by a domestic or foreign company can end up in litigations in court.

Who Needs International Law & Trade Lawyers?

International law & trade law firms and lawyers have years of experience in handling legal matters concerning disputes on the international law & trade. The legal expertise of these professionals can benefit individuals and companies or industries, both domestic and foreign, who are into the export and import business.

International law firms and lawyers can provide legal advice and assistance to people or companies who are seeking help in obtaining international contracts and licenses for import and export purposes. These professionals can also provide help to people and companies who have EU issues, free trade issues and other treaty related trade matters such as embargoes, 'gray goods', retaliatory tariffs, international fair trade laws and clearance issues with customs.

Specifically, international law & trade lawyers and law firms can provide the following services to people and companies:

  • Legal assistance in the procurement of permits, contracts and licenses to do business involving foreign and international trade
  • Provide legal advice on matters concerning foreign and international trade such as in the areas of importing and exporting goods
  • Provide legal advice and protection on disputes regarding tariffs, gray goods, embargoes, and other problems
  • Represent individuals or private companies in litigations in court and defend them against charges of violations of the international law & trade
  • Provide assistance to individuals or companies in submitting appeals to court

If you are involved in a dispute revolving around the international law & trade law, ask legal advice and legal assistance from experts on the field. Hire the services of the international law & trade law firms and lawyers.