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Entertainment, Sports and Leisure Lawyers

Entertainment, sports and leisure law is the body of law which establishes policies and regulations governing the field of entertainment and media including radio, television, newspapers, movies, books and electronic media which includes the Internet. In addition, this law governs both the professional and amateur sports arena.

What is Entertainment, Sports and Leisure Law?

Entertainment, sports and leisure law is a broad and diverse field. In the entertainment arena, the practice of this law covers the following areas: contract negotiation, labor, agent representation, merchandising and licensing.

Contract negotiation pertains to the action of two parties, e.g. a player and a basketball team, in an attempt to reach an agreement that may bind them into legal obligations and which can enforceable in a court of law. The two parties can negotiate their terms of contract until they come up with an agreement which suits both of them.

Labor pertains to disputes that can arise between or among individuals, unions or guilds who represent persons in the entertainment, media and sports industry or the companies which have hired them.

Agent representation refers to the person who has been given authority to act in behalf of another individual who works in the entertainment and sports industry such as an artist or player.

Merchandising and licensing involves the purchase of a license enabling one to legally use another individual's or company's trademarks, patent, or logo.

Who Needs Entertainment, Sports and Leisure Lawyers?

Entertainment, sports and leisure law firms and lawyers have years of experience in legal matters concerning the entertainment, sports and leisure industry. Law firms and lawyers specializing in the area of entertainment, sports and leisure can represent clients who are involved or are working in industries such as television, radio, movies, professional sports, visual arts, literature, music and theater.

Entertainment, sports and leisure law firms and lawyers can provide legal assistance and legal advice to clients in the following areas:

  • Contract negotiation
  • Product endorsement agreements
  • Agent representation
  • Protection of intellectual property rights
  • Litigations in court such as copyright litigation and breach of contract
  • Leasing stadiums or arenas
  • Licensing agreements and merchandise
  • Financial transactions between or among entertainment companies and individuals

If you are in need of legal advice and legal assistance regarding disputes concerning the entertainment, sports and leisure law, hire the expertise of entertainment, sports and leisure lawyers and law firms.