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We are a small enterprising group of lawyers. Our Principal is a savvy ex member of the NSW Police Service. This has meant that her experience translates well for you the client. We are now on the Legal Aid Family and Criminal Law Panel and offer Legal Aid.
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Make wrongdoers accountable - Compare our Fees before choosing a lawyer, as our fees are based on the Court Scale of Costs wherever possible. Expert in fraud matter, if you have lost money or property to fraud, we can help you recover it through the courts.
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Specialising in Criminal Law, Amendra K Singh | Barrister is located in Sydney CBD, NSW.
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Andrew George Solicitors: accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria as specialists in criminal law.
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As a sole practitioner with over 30 years experience in criminal law I provide my clients with expert legal advice and personal service.
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Consulting a lawyer can be a stressful event. You need a professional solicitor who can explain your options in detail without using a lot of legal jargon. Anthony Quartuccio assists individuals, families and businesses access their legal entitlements every day of the week and is ready to help you today.
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Armstrong Legal specialises exclusively in Criminal Law, Family Law and Contested Wills matters retaining 31 solicitors overall, with accredited specialists in each of those areas. This combined experience within the legal system should provide assurance that your matter will receive the attention it deserves, and that it will be dealt with in a timely and cost-effective manner.
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Expert Criminal & Traffic Defence Lawyers with extensive experience and winning results - Sydney Wide. We offer a 24/7 Urgent Legal Advice Service. Fixed Fee Pricing where available. Speak to one of our expert Criminal Lawyers Now!!
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Charged with drink driving or any other traffic related offence? Call the Partners now to arrange your FREE conference. See whether we can help you keep your licence.
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Bond Lawyers is based in Merrylands, NSW and specialises in Commercial Litigation, Conveyancing Lawyers, and Criminal Law.
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Criminal Defence Lawyers

Criminal law is the set of regulations that define and govern criminal offenses, including misdemeanors and felonies. It regulates the charging of individuals suspected of committing certain crimes. It also regulates apprehension and is designed to put suspected offenders in court trials. Likewise, it fixes punishments for individuals who are found guilty of committing crimes beyond reasonable doubt.

What is Criminal Law?

It is a fact that every now and then crimes are committed by individuals of the state. Crimes are acts which are punishable by the law of the land. They are acts which violate the political or moral law. To protect individuals from crimes and crime offenders, the criminal law is implemented. Criminal law is intended to give a definition to particular crimes and to apprehend, give charges, put the person in trial, and to establish punishment for people who are found to be guilty of having done criminal acts beyond reasonable doubt.

Basically, the purpose of criminal law is to respond to unpleasant and often harmful acts that individuals may do to their fellow men or to their country. It also aims to prevent such acts. Some of the potential harm that criminal law aims to prevent are: injury to public health, physical harm, death, damage or loss of property, danger to the government, bodily injuries to humans and felonies to name a few.

Who Needs Criminal Lawyers?

Criminal law firms and Criminal lawyers are especially trained and are well-equipped with knowledge concerning criminal offenses and the laws which govern them. Individuals charged with a crime or are afraid of being charged with a possible crime can benefit from the expertise of the criminal law firms and criminal lawyers. Some of the people who may need the services of the criminal law firms and criminal lawyers are the following:

  • Individuals who are accused of having committed criminal offenses such as sexual harassment, tax evasion, health fraud, mail fraud, drug trafficking, assault, murder, counterfeiting and fraud, money laundering, conspiracy, traffic offenses such as DUI, antitrust and many other forms of crime as defined by the law.
  • Individuals charged and arrested for committing crimes such as mentioned above.

Criminal law firms and lawyers can help individuals suspected and charged of crimes to avoid arrest, seek indictment, dismiss or at least reduce charges, or obtain bail. They can also cause the arrest of an individual suspected of committing the crime and cause them to be sent to jail.

Criminal lawyers can represent individuals in court during preliminary hearings, plea bargains, pre-trial conferences, and during trials before a jury or judge, and in any appeals. They can represent individuals in creating probation reports and giving sentencing recommendations.

If you are accused of having committed a crime and are facing arrest, you can ask the assistance or hire the services of criminal lawyers. Whether you are guilty of the crime or not, these lawyers can help you with their expertise in the field.