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MSQ Legal Pty Ltd is a vibrant, Queensland based boutique law firm with a progressive and innovative attitude.
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We focus on commercial law, estates, litigation, family law and property matters with an emphasis on providing efficient accurate advice.
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A well established and experienced firm providing niche legal services throughout Canberra.
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The Professional Legal People.
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AJ Aristei is based in Perth CBD, WA and specialises in Bankruptcy & Insolvency - Business, Commercial Litigation, and Contract & Commercial Law.
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Small Myers Hughes is a specialist law firm committed to providing absolute legal expertise in tax & revenue law, property & commercial law, management rights, business & estate planning and family law.
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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small, growing or established business, we can assist you to achieve your business goals by providing practical legal advice and creative solutions.
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We will provide you with timely and practical legal advice and assistance. We're on your side!
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Madsen Law specialises in protecting our client's interest in any Family Law, Business Law, Wills and Estate matters.
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Our lawyers see beyond legal issues, providing practical, coordinated and "results driven" commercial solutions.
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We are a Gold Alliance Firm as approved by the Law Society which further enhances our reputation as a provider of legal services of the highest standard.
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Jackson Lalic Lawyers was established in February 2008 by partners Peter Jackson and David Lalic. Jackson Lalic Lawyers provides legal services to financial institutions, lenders, private and listed companies, small business, individuals and Government at all levels. The emphasis at Jackson Lalic Lawyers is to provide assistance in a cost-effective and imaginative way. The staff at Jackson Lalic Lawyers is experienced at providing the clients the attention their matter requires, including rapid reporting of developments. Jackson Lalic Lawyers are comfortable to offer advice as the matter proceeds and, in litigation, on the apparent strengths and weaknesses of a claim or defence. Jackson Lalic Lawyers has, on its professional staff, an Australian solicitor who migrated from South Korea having completed a law degree in South Korea, followed by 5 years of banking experience in South Korea. Jackson Lalic Lawyers also has on its professional staff an Australian solicitor who is a visiting academic at Peking University in Beijing.
Level 16, 115 Pitt Street, Sydney CBD NSW 2000
I was admitted to practice in Tasmania in 1995 after having served a 12 month apprenticeship. I have plenty of experience in Personal Injuries, Workers Compensation, Employment Law, General Litigation, Child Protection, Commercial and Conveyancing, Estate and Wills.
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Corporations and Business Lawyers

Corporations and business law is the legislation or set of regulations governing businesses and corporations. This law regulates how the businesses should be run by the people behind them.

What is Corporations and Business Law?

Business in Australia can be done in a lot of ways. The ways of doing business can be determined by the parties involved. In most instances, however, they are governed by the corporations and business law established by the federal or state of Australia.

Corporations and business law governs how certain businesses should be organized and operated, e.g., if it should be by sole proprietorships, incorporated companies, or general or limited partnerships. Generally, corporations and business law is concentrated on profit corporations but it can also cover non profit corporations because of tax considerations and protection of the corporation's members from personal liability while in the course of corporate business.

Who Needs Corporations and Business Lawyers?

Any individual or group planning to start a company or is already running a company but need advice on the legalities of company operations can benefit from the services offered by corporations and business law firms and lawyers. Typically, there are four issues that should be considered in starting a company and the legal advice of the corporations and business law firms and lawyers are greatly needed in each. The four issues to be considered when starting a company are:

1. Trademarks. Trademarks are important for a company or business. Often, these are the cause of disputes among companies or businesses.
2. Hiring employees. The legal procedures of hiring employees should be considered by a start up company. There are laws that govern the hiring of employees and there are laws which govern the rights of employees. If any of these laws are ignored by a company, it may find itself in real problem.
3. Deals with cofounders. It is important that start up companies make a documentation of all their dealings with their company cofounders. They can use these documentations as references in case disputes will happen.
4. Contract liability. Limits on liability of contracts should be established.

These four issues are very important and should be given due consideration. Not having enough knowledge on these areas may put the company in legal trouble in later dates. This is why any start up company should hire the expertise of corporations and business law firms and lawyers.

The corporations and business law firms and lawyers can help companies on the following aspects: giving advice on the organization and operation of the business, giving advice on the use of trademarks without breaching any law, giving advice on the legal aspect of hiring employees, giving advice on documenting deals with business partners, and assisting the company in the making or drafting of contracts.

If you are planning to start a company or are facing disputes regarding the use of trademarks and patents and other aspects of the business operations with other companies, ask the help of corporations and business law firms and lawyers.