Aboriginal & Indigenous Law

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Aboriginal / Indigenous Lawyers

The aboriginal / indigenous law was implemented to protect the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia. Lawyers and law firms who are experts in laws and treaties relating to native Australian and other indigenous people, assisting tribes, people and concerns dealing with tribes on such things as contracts, benefits, land, native title & gaming rights, tax issues, government benefits and other matters.

What is Aboriginal / Indigenous Law?

The aboriginal / indigenous law of Australia is intended to protect the rights of both the aboriginal and indigenous communities of Australia, such as their rights to heritage and culture, and race.

The aboriginal / indigenous law covers the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage which is a significant part of the Australian heritage. It also aims to protect places in Australia that may have indigenous heritage values or those which hold great significance and meaning to Indigenous people. These places include those that are associated with spirituality, those that are significant for more contemporary uses, those associated with "dreaming" stories depicting the laws of the land such as how people should behave, and those places where other cultures came in contact with the Indigenous people of the land.

Who Needs the Aboriginal / Indigenous Law?

Australia has been struggling with gender bias, discrimination, and racism towards its group of Indigenous people. The Indigenous people were not allowed to exercise their political, social, and legal rights. They have also struggled to earn their rights on Aboriginal lands.

Although during today's times, some laws have been passed allowing the Indigenous people to exercise their rights on certain areas such as on the political and social arena, there are still instances where they are being shunned from society. They still experience discrimination and racism from some of the other Australian communities.

This is where the aboriginal / indigenous Law fits in. This law is intended to protect the aboriginal rights of people to own land and other property. This also helps to settle land ownership disputes and land boundary disputes. In addition, this law is also intended to protect Australian Indigenous people against discrimination and racism.

The aboriginal / indigenous law aims to protect the different diverse communities living in Australia, including the Aboriginal people and the Torres Strait Islanders.