Theft Offences

Any illegal act of taking or using somebody else’s property without consent is what defines a crime of theft (or stealing) and if you have accepted an object with the knowledge that it was stolen, it is still considered as theft. Theft crimes can vary from a simple act of stealing from a store to the more severe crime of embezzlement of money from a large company.

To be found guilty of a theft offence, a person must have taken the property of another without their consent, with an intention to permanently deprive them of their property. A charge against someone for theft may therefore fail if it cannot be shown that there was an intention to permanently deprive the owner of the property.

Theft crimes are a serious matter so if you or any of your loved ones are charged with a theft offense, don’t think twice, call CRIMLAW immediately. If convicted, you could be facing serious goal time, fines, community service, probation and more depending on the charges filed against you, and the value of the item/s that you allegedly stole.

Theft Crime Consequences

Take a possible burglary for example, what police usually do is talk to every one “of interest” or “suspects”. The reason for this is that several theft crimes, specifically burglary are not seen, and it is important that you should not say anything when contacted by the police regardless if you feel that you did not do anything wrong.

Sometimes words can be used against you to support the filing of specific charges, that is why it is vital the accused remains silent. If the police contact you to “discuss” a potential theft crime, contact CRIMLAW immediately so CRIMLAW lawyers and accredited criminal law specialists can evaluate your case to ascertain the actions needed.

It can be very disturbing and traumatic should you or a loved one be arrested for theft, however, try and stay calm and think of your legal rights. If you or a loved one has been arrested, or if you are aware that you are under investigation, or if you are a criminal suspect, the first thing you should do is contact CRIMLAW.

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