Dangerous Driving

Can your Dangerous Driving Charge Be Dismissed or Reduced ?

Dangerous driving is driving at a speed or in a way that could harm other people. You can be fined, imprisoned or both for dangerous driving, and if you are found guilty, the court must cancel your licence and disqualify you from driving for at least six months.

If you are charged with dangerous driving and you plead not guilty, the court can – after hearing all the evidence – convict you of the less serious offence of careless driving. If someone is actually injured or dies because of your dangerous driving,
you could be charged with a very serious offence.
Careless Driving Careless driving is a common traffic offence. The most common reason for being charged with careless driving is when you run into the back of another vehicle. You can be fined for driving carelessly and the court may also cancel your licence.

With any dangerous driving charge or careless driving charge you will need strong legal representation, personalised service and an aggressive defence lawyer.

If you or a friend or someone in your family have been charged with Dangerous Driving or Careless Driving you need to contact CRIMLAW lawyers and accredited criminal law specialists who can defend you from the prosecutors and fight these charges in your best interests.

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