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Henry Carus & Associates are Melbourne compensation lawyers - with offices in Brighton, Altona, Box Hill and the Melbourne CBD - if we don't win, there's no fee. With over 30 years experience, Henry Carus and Associates are dedicated to fighting for your claim with a win percentage over 98% of their cases. Call us now on 1300 860 674 to see if you have a case.

Henry Carus & Associates is a team of specialist Melbourne compensation lawyers with offices in the CBD, Brighton, Altona and Box Hill.

Backed by over 30 years of experience and with practitioners accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria, our services are tailored for clients who have...

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Our Team Profiles


Henry Carus



Year Joined



Listening to his clients, understanding their concerns and goals and taking the time to explain their options are at the core of Henry Carus' approach. Having been a former New York City trial lawyer and having acted for a number of insurance firms here in Australia, Henry's varied work experience has given him a unique insight into each and every aspect of the legal process. Approachable, caring and determined, Henry goes to great lengths to understand his clients' personal situations and stories and explain to them the legal process in detail. His approach is what ensures excellent outcomes, winning over 98% of cases.


Wendy Kleyn


Senior Solicitor

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Wendy Kleyn is passionate about making a difference to people's lives, and this is evident in the dedication and effort she puts into all of her clients' cases. With more than a decade's experience specifically in personal injury law, Wendy has a vast array of knowledge in the area and is accredited as a specialist by the Law Institute of Victoria in recognition of this exceptional knowledge. She also has a keen interest in all aspects of medical negligence law, helping clients who have been deprived of quality medical care. Her deep compassion for people has also led to her involvement in a number of not-for-profit causes and volunteer roles, furthering her ability to connect with people on all levels. Warm, friendly and considerate, Wendy is sensitive to her clients' needs and serious about getting the best outcome for them.


The trail bike vs the 4WD

Although an injured person may be partly at fault, it does not remove the responsibility of others for an accident.

A slippery hazard

Slip and fall on something that has been spilt on the floor of the store, suffer an injury as a result and you may be entitled to an award of compensation.

Walking on eggshells

What happens when someone who is already injured is in an accident?

Strictly speaking - strict liability and motorists

Strict liability can go a long way to discourage reckless behaviour and may also lead to motorists taking every possible precaution to avoid accidents.

A red light to compensation?

People who are injured often believe they have caused or partly contributed to events leading to the accident. But, even if the injured person does contribute to the accident itself, it does not mean they do not have a claim for damages.


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Henry Carus & Associates .

Trevor suffered a serious injury to his right hand at home. He came to our office after seeing two other personal injury solicitors who told Trevor he had no claim. We disagreed and won Trevor a settlement sum of $160,000. Trevor sent this letter to Henry Carus after hearing of the settlement: Dear Henry I will always smile when I think of the day that I stumbled across you. You are the total opposite of the first 2 lawyers that fobbed me off and I can only assume that you must have missed the "how to be heartless" semester at law school! You have transformed my darkest moment into a positive future for not only me but my wife and kids too. Your genuine caring nature and professional knowledge are a very powerful combination that will undoubtedly improve the lives of many more people to come. Trevor
Cliff was a pedestrian who was struck by a car and injured while crossing the road in 2008. He suffered a serious knee injury and has not been able to return to his employment as a specialised bricklayer or find other suitable work. Cliff was offered an early settlement of $225,000.00, and we were able to secure him after further work on his behalf an agreed lump sum payment of $450,000.00. Cliff wrote to us expressing his appreciation for our work: Dear Henry & Staff, I want to thank all of you for hard work and excellent service in reaching settlement for my common law claim. Each of you have played a role in reaching a settlement that will allow myself, my two young daughters and my partner to enjoy a quality of life far beyond my hope and expectations. I want to especially thank Ella and Wendy for their patience and understanding while conferring with me when I have been difficult during times of increased pain or lack of sleep. ‘Henry’, you are a professional unlike any other I have ever met or spoken with. You have a brilliant mind, an authoritative almost imposing attitude, yet you are compassionate, caring, and possess a sense of wit and humour that serves a purpose of allowing your clients to feel at ease and confident. Henry Carus & Associates have transformed a settlement offer of $225,000.00 into an agreed lump sum payment of $450,000.00 in just over 5 months! This is an outstanding achievement that you should all feel proud of. I feel blessed that you acted on my behalf, and I want to thank you all again from the bottom of my heart.

Danny fell through a hole in a concrete roof at his work and sustained a serious injury from the fall. He required surgery to his arm and had ongoing problems with day to day and work activities.  After the accident in 2006 he attempted to handle his claim with WorkCover himself but, found the WorkCover insurer unwilling to approve the additional medical treatment that he needed. He came to Henry Carus and Associates for help. Despite the insurer denying liability and blaming Danny for the accident we were able to negotiate a fair settlement  without having to proceed to court. Danny wrote to us expressing his appreciation for our help:

In the evening of New Years Eve 2005, Lee was driving with his wife Karen and their eight year old daughter when a car failed to give way entering a roundabout and crashed into their vehicle. Lee’s vehicle rolled onto its side and Karen died tragically at the scene of the accident. Lee suffered both physical and psychiatric injuries. A British national, Lee returned to England with his two children for family support. To this day, Lee experiences extreme emotional distress and significant bilateral back pain. As a result of his physical and psychiatric condition, he is unable to work and care for his children on his own. The TAC refused to grant Lee a Serious Injury Certificate until February 2010 – more than four years after the accident – and in March 2011 common law proceedings for damages were issued. Lee was seeking compensation for his pain and suffering, his inability to work in the past and for the remainder of his life, as well as the value of the services being provided for him by his family members. At mediation (held two weeks prior to trial), the TAC only offered Lee approximately $750,000 in compensation. Although physically and psychologically challenged by the thought of coming back to Australia to appear at a trial, Lee listened to the advice of Henry Carus & Associates and accepted that a better settlement could be achieved if he returned. In the two weeks leading up the trial, Henry Carus & Associates arranged everything required to proceed, including up to date medical examinations and video links back to England to receive the evidence of medical practitioners and family members. On the evening before the trial, the TAC finally accepted the true value of Lee’s claim, and offered him approximately $1.1 million for settlement – a difference of $350,000 in 2 weeks! According to Lee: “Nobody should have to see what I saw that night. Nobody should have to tell their children that their mother is dead. Since the accident my life has been knackered. I used to be the most outgoing person in the world and I loved my job – but the physical and psychiatric injuries I have suffered put an end to that extroverted personality, my career and my ability to care for my children. It’s difficult to get people to understand what I went through that night and what I will go through for the rest of my life because of that night. Henry Carus & Associates have understood this from day one. They helped me fight for what I deserved and, because of their hard work and dedication, I received an excellent settlement figure. The settlement money won’t bring back the life I had, but it will let me care for my family. Thank you Henry Carus.”
Adam was referred to our office while still recovering after a major truck accident. He was driving his truck in NSW when the cabin filled with smoke and he lost control of the vehicle. Whilst in hospital he informed us that the truck had just recently been repaired by his employer. We located the truck in a NSW car yard waiting to be sold for salvage and arranged for a forensic engineer to fly up and inspect the vehicle before it was sold. Our expert's report was later crucial in achieving a settlement figure of over $800,000 for Adam. Adam wrote to us saying: "I really knew that you cared for me when you not only drove up to see me in hospital in Bendigo but also visited me and my family at our home in Sealake to explain everything to us. I was always told what would be happening and how we would be working together. I was so happy when my settlement came through, as it would really help my family."

Jianping, an older Asian woman, was injured very badly while working in a factory. The assembly line was too high for her and her employee addressed the issue by giving her a milk crate to stand on. One day while working on the assembly line she slipped off the crate and shattered her knee, never to be able to walk normally again. Trusting Henry Carus and Associates with her claim, we worked hard on our investigation and the company eventually accepted liability. We started with an offer of $60,000 and ended settling at $288,000. Jianping wrote to us expressing her gratitude and sharing her story for others:

I am very grateful to all the assistance and professional guidance provided by Henry Carus & Associates on my way to gain WorkCover compensation, and the afterwards service as well. I would like to share my experience and feelings for the past three years in relation to my compensation.


I migrated to Australia in November 2004 and I started to work in a factory in 2005. Due to the poor safety conditions in the factory, I had a fall accidentally in 2006, and suffered a knee cap fracture. I was sent to hospital right away and had a surgery. You can imagine the physical pain, yet I did not know what to do with the psychological influence and the helplessness followed. As I had just migrated to Australia not long, I had no idea how to cope with such an unfortunate accident. My friends and the factory gave me the idea that I could not approach lawyers to make a lawsuit, as in Australia, lawyers were very expensive, even you won the case eventually, you would have to contribute most of your compensation amount to the solicitor fee. At the time the factory would like to solve the issue in private as well. I was confused with all the opinions yet I felt very unjustified. Later I accidentally saw an advertisement on a Chinese newspaper about a professional personal injury law firm specialised in WorkCover claims, and it said “No Win No Fee”, which gave me the courage to ring them. Very soon Henry came to visit me at my house (as it was inconvenient for me to attend their office due to my knee injury). During our conversation, he clearly explained to me the whole procedure of the claim, how to cope with all kinds of difficulties that may occur, and also their charge. I understood well the whole procedure, so I authorised Henry Carus & Associates to act for me.


The whole compensation process took me over three years. It was a very hard period of my life (mainly emotionally and psychologically). During the process, WorkCover advised me to attend their specialist medical exams many times, and also continually requested me to work by phone calls or letters, and sometimes they even assigned people to follow me secretly and took surveillance pictures. All of these were for the purpose to collect evidence helpful for them so that they could pay me less or even nothing. For an injured person, it would be so hard to deal with all of these without a professional lawyer’s support and guidance. I was lucky enough to have such support throughout the whole process, so that every time I met some difficulty I had the confidence to deal with it. My solicitor also arranged all kinds of specialists to examine my injury. With all the support from Henry Carus & Associates, I did not feel lonely or scared during the three year long compensation.


The negotiation of the settlement amount also took a very long time.They always started with a very low offer, yet after several times negotiation, my solicitor got me a very satisfactory result in the end, and also their charge was very reasonable. Therefore, I really appreciate what Henry Carus & Associates has done for me. They have fought for my best interest during the compensation. Thank you


David, a self-employed painter and decorator, was involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained a number of injuries. Severe lower back pain meant that his ability to work was substantially restricted and, as a result, he experienced a significant loss of earnings. David went to a known firm of solicitors who asked TAC for a serious injury certificate so he could get compensation.  TAC said no and David’s solicitors said they could no longer help him. David came to our firm and asked if we could help – and we did. We issued proceedings for him in the County Court and fought for him all the way to a trial. After hearing all the evidence,  a Judge gave him the certificate he needed. With that certificate we then went and achieved a settlement of his claim for $250,000. On reflection, David wrote to us and said:

Helen and I would like to tell you all how happy we are with the outcome of our case. As you know, we went to another legal firm first who acted on my behalf and who in hindsight were hopeless!

Henry, you and your team have been so informative all the way through the case, with a realistic expectation and, of course, ‘the win’. The other well-known legal firm provided very little correspondence and actually ‘dropped’ my case, leaving me with little or no hope of an outcome for my future or my family.

I cannot recommend Henry Carus and Associates highly enough and would be happy to have an informal chat with any prospective client as to how happy I have been with the service/outcome of my case. I think mostly the fact that myself and Helen were informed at every stage of the case of what was happening; the judgement; commitment; realistic expectations; honesty; and the results you achieved on behalf of my family and I.

With much sincerity,

David and Helen


Elizabeth came to us for assistance after she suffered injuries whilst undergoing dental treatment.  During the removal of temporary crowns and the insertion of a bridge, Elizabeth suffered a nerve injury which left her with chronic pain.  This affected every aspect of her life, including her ability to work.  We commenced proceedings for Elizabeth but were met with a dogged refusal by the dentist’s insurance company and lawyers to accept responsibility. After a long and difficult fight, we were able to settle Elizabeth’s case for a very good outcome. Elizabeth wrote to us saying:


I had been struggling with a chronic pain condition caused by an injury, for over a year when I first met Henry. I found him to be an honest and caring person who believed in seeking justice for people injured through no fault of their own. Henry believed I deserved compensation and was very forthcoming about my right to pursue a damages claim. He was also very clear and fair regarding the costs involved. His associate Wendy guided me through this stressful and exhausting process with patience and understanding. We eventually reached a settlement and I can’t thank Henry, Wendy and all the office staff for treating me with kindness and patience, as well as the many hours of work involved in preparing my claim.

Rebecca suffered an injury to both her hands as a result of repetitive, heavy and fast paced work in a large supermarket’s butchery. She was not provided with mechanical assistance, even though this was provided in other stores. After going to well-known lawyers and waiting for months, Rebecca’s case seemed to be at the bottom of a big pile of clients. Rebecca decided to get a lawyer who would treat her as a person rather than as a file and contacted Henry Carus and Associates. Rebecca wrote to us saying: "Henry was straightforward and honest in explaining everything so that I understood it. He was very patient in answering all my questions & throughout it I felt like the process of my claim was progressing with ease and before I knew it I was granted a serious injury certificate & my claim had settled successfully! I highly recommend the services of Henry Carus & Associates. Without their knowledge and expertise i probably would have given up on my claim but they showed me that just because the law sounds technical to the average person doesn’t mean that it’s hard and you can actually have successful outcomes. I’ll be forever grateful to the team at Henry Carus & Associates, thanks to you all from the busy secretaries to especially the professional lawyers Henry & Wendy."

Andrew was a qualified refrigeration maintenance worker who truly enjoyed his career.

At the age of 63, he was hired to provide his skills on a worksite and set to work to fix an air conditioning unit located on the roof.

The repair required him to ascend a very unsafe ladder with equipment.

Andrew injured his back in the process and was unable to return to work.

We helped Andrew seek compensation for his pain and suffering and loss of income, and got his claim accepted on the basis that he was planning to work well past the age of 65.

Andrew wrote to us expressing his appreciation:

"Thank you for your work on my case. I appreciate all your support and dedication in my time of need. Your professional and timely response helped make a very stressful situation a lot more bearable. I would highly recommend your services to any potential client without reservation."

Victoria came to us after years with another firm. Her WorkCover compensation claim was going nowhere, and she was told that she would not be able to obtain a serious injury certificate. Within a short period of time, we obtained a certificate for Victoria and settled her common law claim. Victoria told us: "Henry achieved the best possible outcome for me. He was professional and kind and always made me feel at ease. He always had the time to explain to me where I stood and always listened to things I had to say."
James suffered a significant back injury in the workplace and came to us seeking assistance with his WorkCover claim. We helped him reach an early settlement, leaving James free to get on with his recovery and his life. James wrote to Henry Carus expressing his gratitude: "Thank you very much for all your help and support to get me back on my feet. It really meant a lot to me mate. Thank you very, very much."
Mitchell was sole director of his own company when he suffered a serious back injury at work. Although a very difficult WorkCover claim given his director status, we worked with him to get a great resolution. Mitchell wrote to us expressing his gratitude: “Thank you all for your outstanding efforts. It was a particularly difficult case and at all stages I felt relaxed that you were in control. I particularly appreciated your up-front approach to every aspect of the case, keeping me informed of what I should expect and when. Without that the whole process would have taken a much larger toll on my stress levels. Your consideration of my particular circumstances was also very much appreciated. It all felt exactly like I was dealing with a friend which, in the complex world of legal matters, was immensely comforting.”
Dr B Goloub
Dr Goloub has a number of patients who are clients of Henry Carus & Associates. He wrote to us to express support for the services we provide to his clients: "As a professional psychologist I treat many patients who are going through legal processes concerning various situations and matters. Therefore I have to deal with the patients lawyers, as I am expected to produce and supply professional papers assisting my patients in their legal matters. From my personal experience I can state that some law firms themselves appear to be an additional source of stress for my psychologically vulnerable clients. In contrast, your firm is a help and a hope for the injured people producing desirable and fair outcomes. This greatly assists me in the process of the patients recovery. I would like to thank you for your human approach in the law business. I hope that we will continue to constructively cooperate in support of our mutual clients.”


Level 1, 92 Railway Street Sth, Altona 7 3018
Level 2, 19 Prospect Street, Box Hill Central 7 3128
Suite 6, 2-8 St Andrew Street, Brighton 7 3186
Level 11, 607 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD 7 3000

Frequently Asked Questions

English is my second language. Can you help me understand what is needed to get compensation? Yes, we have on staff qualified to speak to you in Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Ukranian, Turkish and Albanian. We can also arrange an interpreter for you if needed. Under all circumstances, Henry Carus & Associates makes sure that you understand all aspects of your claim for compensation. I'm injured and in hospital. Can you come and visit me? Yes we can – we offer both hospital and home visits. Where are you located? Henry Carus & Associates has four convenient office locations around Victoria - Melbourne CBD, Brighton, Altona, Box Hill. I have some questions that I'd like answered to see if I do have a case. Can I talk to someone about these without any obligation or need for payment? Yes you can. To ensure that you fully understand your legal rights, we offer a no obligation, free telephone advice service and a free initial one-on-one consultation. Why are you different to other firms? Our practitioners have a vast array of experience spanning the insurance and medical industry, and have gained this both in Australia and internationally.Our insurance experience, working for the likes of TAC, provides us with a solid base from which to build your case. Experience gained working with the medical industry also helps us understand your current physical and emotional difficulties and the long term consequences of your injuries.Together, we make sure that this unique knowledge and insight is on your side, delivering the best possible outcome for you. How much do your services cost? All of our work is done on a “no win, no charge” basis, guaranteeing that you do not pay any fees until we have won your case. We provide you with a Costs Agreement from the outset and this document, along with regular updates from us, will ensure that you have a clear estimate of the total legal fees you will be required to pay upon a successful result. Prior to settlement we detail to you the amount you are required to pay and ensure that you are comfortable with the final outcome. How do I know if I have a serious injury? We are often asked by clients whether they have a "Serious Injury". The term is constantly being examined by judges, and a recent decision by the Court of Appeal in Victoria has helped to make the concept easier for an injured person to understand.In Hayden (2010), the Court focused on the level of pain perceived by the injured person and how that pain affected a persons life. Pain alone can be the basis for a Court to find you have suffered a "Serious Injury". We strive to make all aspects of compensation law easier for you to understand, as we have found the more an injured person understands the law, the more we can achieve the best possible outcome.