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Berck Solicitors

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Family Law Experts for 30 Years Working in All Areas of Family Law

Our mission is to provide you with prompt and easy to understand legal advice to reduce the emotional and financial stress that often comes with Family Law disputes. We guarantee you professionalism and integrity at a very competitive rate.

With our 30 year reputation in Family Law we have proven...

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Our Team Profiles

efacdc900c6e5c0063bd520b2a5cd2e9.JPG Name

Kathleen Berck


Principal Solicitor

Year Joined



Kathleen was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in 1982 after completing her Bachelor of Laws and Diploma of Legal Practice. She is also a solicitor of the High Court of Australia and is a Special Master in the Superior Court of California in the United States of America.

Kathleen is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and a member of the Legal Aid Conferencing panel, acting as a chairperson in family dispute resolution. Over a ten year period, she also volunteered at the Women's Legal Service.

Kathleen has practised extensively in Family Law since 1982. She is a highly respected family law solicitor with a reputation for her personal approach and commitment to her clients.

Kathleen’s academic and professional qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Laws (Queensland Institute of Technology)
  • Diploma of Legal Practice
  • Solicitor of the High Court of Australia
  • Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland
  • National Accredited Mediator
  • Family Dispute Resolution Provider

Kathleen’s other qualifications and experience include:

  • Past member of the Southern District Committee of the Legal Aid Office (Queensland)
  • Member of the Legal Aid Conferencing Section
  • Member of the Family Law Practitioners Association
  • Member of the Queensland Law Society
  • Member of the Family Law Division of the Law Council of Australia
  • Special Master in the Superior Court of California
  • Independent Children’s Lawyer since 1988
  • Volunteer for the Women’s Legal Service
  • Previous volunteer for the Youth Advocacy Service
  • Certificate of Attainment as a Dispute Resolution Provider obtained as required by legislation in 2009 from the Australian Institute of Social Relations.

14934a8ea965b14d7f9c8103d58e2e03.jpg Name

Leah Scott



Year Joined



 Leah Scott has been working in the legal profession since June 2009 after she completed a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) at Griffith University in June 2009. 


Leah’s academic and professional qualifications include: 


•Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts (Griffith University)

•Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (Queensland University of Technology)

•Solicitor of the High Court of Australia 

•Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland 


Prior to joining Berck Solicitors in May 2013, Leah developed experience in a number of fields of law including criminal law, family law, criminal compensation, domestic violence, child protection, wills and estates and conveyancing matters. Leah is an accredited duty lawyer for adult and children criminal matters.


Leah’s Family Law experience includes the following:


•Divorce and separation;

•Negotiations and mediations;

•Property matters, including de facto and matrimonial property disputes;

•Domestic violence matters;

•Children’s matters including future parenting and living arrangements

•Child protection and prevention of child abuse

b36dc432964af49bedbc98437c8b8e8f.jpg Name

Kassandra Neilson



Year Joined



Kassandra Neilson practices exclusively in the area of Family Law. Prior to joining Berck Solicitors in 2011, Kassandra developed extensive experience in family law, mediation, domestic violence, criminal law and civil litigation.

Kassandra holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Queensland. She was admitted as a Legal Practitioner of the Supreme Court of Queensland and to the High Court of Australia in 2005. Kassandra is an accredited duty lawyer for adult and children’s criminal matters and has completed the Independent Children’s Lawyer course.


Kassandra has acted in all manner of Family Law, including:

  • Divorce and separation;
  • Negotiations and mediations;
  • Property matters, including de facto and matrimonial property disputes;
  • Cohabitation agreements and pre-nuptial agreements;
  • Binding Financial Agreements;
  • Domestic violence matters;
  • Children’s matters including future parenting and living arrangements
  • Child protection and prevention of child abuse;
  • Business structures, trusts and superannuation.


Benefits of a Mediation Settlement

When a conflict arises between two parties it can be difficult for them to come to a mutual agreement alone. Mediation services offer a way for the separate parties to work towards a mutually satisfactory agreement in a positive environment

The Importance of Mediation Resolution

At Berck Solicitors we strive to get the best result for our client. One of the ways to achieve this is through Mediation or Family Dispute Resolution. If you are a client, we are able to organise Mediation sessions with your partner, with the aim of coming to a mutual agreement.

Mediation Myths

Before agreeing to as part of the divorce process, it's important to learn the facts about what mediation entails, and to learn how to recognise erroneous claims about mediation that you may have heard in the past.

Understanding Last Wills

You can make what is often a difficult moment following the death of a loved one a bit easier by reading up on what some of the terms mean before so you can be better equipped to understand what everything means.

Domestic Violence

domestic violence

What to Expect to Happen to Your Possessions in a Divorce

Dividing shared belongings and assets can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of the divorce process, but property settlement can be made easier when hiring specialised lawyers.

What to Expect in Regard to Child Support

If you are going through a divorce or separation and there are children involved, speaking to child custody lawyers in your area will provide all the information you need about child support and spousal maintenance.

When You Might Want to Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

You can protect your future financial security, property and investments when speaking to your family lawyer about prenuptial agreements prior to marriage.

How to Lower the Stress of a Divorce

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences in a person's life, and consulting a divorce lawyer can offer valuable relief, so you won't be dealing with it alone.


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Berck Solicitors.


Dear Kathy  I just wanted to write and thank you for all you have done for me during the past 4 years. Please thank all your staff for me also, especially Julie and Brian. I also wish to thank you for getting Tom to act for me.  I must admit Kathy I often wondered if we would ever see the end of this problem.  Thank you for putting up with me during that time. I am sure there were many times that you were sick of the sight and sound of me.  I am very thankful that we did not have to have those three days in Court as I am sure they would have been very difficult. I am very pleased with the result as I believe it is fair to all of us, Allan, the children and myself. Allan will probably not feel that way at present but I hope in the future when he is not so angry that he will see the fairness of it all. I would not have been comfortable getting more than 50%.  Now at last we can all start to get on with our lives. I know the children are pleased as I am that it is nearly over.  It will be wonderful to be able to do some of the things I have only dreamed of doing. My sister and I hope to do a trip to England which was our Father’s birthplace. It will be great to meet relatives from that side of the family and to visit the places Dad loved to talk about.  Thank you once again Kathy. I hope you and your family have a Happy Christmas and that the New Year is kind to you.  Please thank Brian and Julie for all their help and kindness they have given me.


Dear Kathy  Just a short note to thank you for all your assistance in relation to mum’s property settlement.  Both mum and I really appreciated all your help and moral support.  On a personal note, I would like you to pass on my thanks to Julie. She was a tower of strength throughout the year and particularly during the last stages of negotiations.  Again our sincere thanks


Dear Kathy  Thank you very much for your interest and support during the last 2 years. I was very pleased to have such a rapport with you and your friendly easy going manner and confidence reduced the stress of the situation for me.  I know it all comes under the heading of job description but I’m sure some are better at it than others and I certainly appreciated your expertise, knowledge and efficiency.  Please convey my thanks also to Julie for her assistance.  Best wishes for a Continued Success.


Kathy  I just wanted to say thank you for organising such an excellent team to handle my case and court proceedings. The difference in professionalism, preparation, commitment and talent was obvious. I also realised how exposed I would have been as a lay person in that environment without the quality of representation that I had. Your quick thinking and proactively in ensuring that both Jacoba and Tom were secured early is much appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term 'de facto' cover?  De facto is a term you may have heard used by your or in other legal circumstances, but be unsure precisely what it means. In general terms, de facto is a realistic acceptance of 'what is actually done,' in situations where the established conventions and frameworks may not be applied. This video from ereflect offers several different examples, such as the situation of an office meeting which the official chairperson often does not attend - in this instance, someone who is more likely to be present at all meetings can become the de facto chairperson.  In Australian family law terms and divorce cases, de facto relationships are relationships that exist between two people (of either sex) who are not married, but who are living - or were previously living - in circumstances comparable to those of married couples, together on a domestic basis.  Although de facto relationships follow a different process to legal marriages when it comes to divorce, they are also treated differently than relationships where partners lived separately.   Why you should update your will when circumstances change? If your personal life and circumstances change, you may find that your existing will is no longer appropriate. Fortunately, it's a simple process to update your will and ensure your property settlement is carried out according to your wishes. Why change your will? There can be various circumstances that mean it's time to update your will. You may wish to add new persons to the will who were not present in the previous version - perhaps because they are children or grandchildren who were not yet alive, or people you just hadn't met yet. By contrast, you may also wish to remove the names of people who have passed away since your previous will was created, or to whom your feelings have changed. You may also desire to change your will if the value of your estate has significantly increased or decreased. How do I change my will? It's recommended that you review your will at least once every five years, as even if you don't believe anything needs changing, there may be minor changes in your circumstances that you hadn't considered. It's important to understand that you cannot simply write new information onto your existing will copy, as this will most likely invalidate it. Instead, there are several ways to change your will - either by asking your lawyer to write a codicil (amendment) including the new information, or to alter the digital version of the document if it is stored electronically. Changing your will in Australia Berck Solicitors specialises in property settlement in Brisbane and other family law matters in Australia. For more information about changing or creating your will, call 07 3237 7600   What should you expect in regards to child support?  Divorced parents have a number of obligations with regard to their children, and child support payments are one of the most effective ways that parents can provide financial support for children who do not live with them full time. Child support can be arranged independently, or with the aid of who can help guide you through the process and ensure you receive the payments you require to look after your children's welfare. Child support is assessed in various ways, including via a formula assessment, court orders or mutual agreements between both parents to decide on appropriate values.  Each year, around 11,000 teenagers are affected by the separation of their parents in Australia. In this video from the CSA (Child Support Agency of Australia), Am I able to annul my marriage? Consulting with a will inform you whether you can avoid the divorce process by proving the nullity of your marriage.  Nullity laws in Australia   Under the Family Law Act 1975, the Family Court of Australia and Family Court of Western Australia can if it can be demonstrated that no legal marriage existed between two parties. This may be possible even if a marriage ceremony took place, depending on the circumstances.  If you wish to annul your marriage, you must first file an initiating application and prepare an affidavit containing details of your marriage ceremony and the reasons you wish the marriage to be annulled. The hearing date will be within 42 days of the application being made for residents in Australia.  Can I annul my marriage?  There are that may make it possible to annul your marriage - including if at least one of the parties was already married at the time of the ceremony, if at least one of the parties was below the legal age, or was forced into the marriage. It may also be possible to claim that your vows were invalid, if correct terminology was not used during the wedding ceremony. Family law specialists in Brisbane deals with a wide range of family law cases, including divorce and separation, property settlements and maintenance issues for de facto and same sex relationships. Call 07 3237 7600 to speak confidentially to family law experts and arrange a consultation. What to expect to happen to your possessions in a divorce? What to expect to happen to your possessions in a divorce Dividing shared belongings and assets can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of the divorce process, but property settlement can be made easier when hiring specialised lawyers. How does property settlement work? If you and your former partner cannot mutually agree on the division of your assets, the court can determine how property is divided. As this is not likely to wholly beneficial to either party, resolving matters out of court is generally advised - even if couples are no longer on speaking terms, their legal representatives can make their wishes known. Property settlement can be resolved immediately following separation, and does not have the same 12 month waiting period as divorce applications. The property settlement process involves precise identification of all assets owned or joint owned by both parties, including all liabilities and financial resources. Property settlement advice Consulting with a lawyer skilled in family law could greatly improve your chances of receiving the property you desire, though as property settlement cases can be lengthy and involved, you should be prepared to make some sacrifices. Wasted assets can be minimised, however, by beginning the process as soon as possible. You should also take advantage of your financial situation, if you are earning less money than your former partner, as the court takes into account net assets and income as well as the future needs of both parties. Property settlement lawyers in Brisbane Berck Solicitors specialises in property settlement and mediation for marriages, de facto relationships and same sex couples. Contact Berck & Associates on 07 3237 7600 for more information about property settlement and other aspects of the divorce process.