Different Types of Lawyers and Areas of Law

Unless you’ve ever been sued or ran into legal trouble, the lawyers you know are probably limited to friends and/or relatives. However, you may eventually need one, depending on your needs. Here are the types of lawyers that you need to know about.

Labour and unemployment lawyer

If you have a dispute with your (soon-to-be former) employer, then a labour an unemployment lawyer can help you decide the best strategy and inform you about your rights. For instance, labour and unemployment lawyers handle wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination cases.

Taxation lawyer

For all your concerns in tax law, approach a tax attorney. They can answer your tax-related questions, assist in filling out your company’s tax forms, help you out if you’re being audited, and represent you in tax fraud cases.

Workers' compensation lawyer

Workers' compensation is a type of insurance that provides medical benefits and wage replacement to employees injured in the line of work. Sometimes, however, employers don’t pay out workers’ compensation. This is where the lawyer comes in—to help the workers get the benefits they deserve.

Medical malpractice lawyer

Medical practice is negligence by a healthcare professional, which results in injury or death of the patient. Medical malpractice lawyers can represent you if you wish to file a malpractice suit against your doctor, surgeon, nurse or any healthcare worker.

Will and probate lawyer

Wills are legal documents that contain instructions on is to be done to a person’s wealth and property after he or she passes away. Probate is a legal procedure where the validity of will is proven. Lawyers for these procedures handle disputes surrounding wills to honour the wishes of the deceased.

Contract lawyer

Contracts are everywhere; whether you get a loan, buy a smartphone, or enter a business agreement, you sign a contract. Contract lawyers can help in many ways—you can consult one to help you understand the legalese or represent you when there’s a dispute.

Civil lawyer

Civil law focuses on resolving disputes between individuals and organisations, where compensation is awarded to the victim. These disputes could be anything, from damage to property to causing emotional distress. If you want to file a lawsuit or defend yourself in a dispute, call a civil lawyer.

Criminal lawyer

Unlike civil law which is about dispute resolution, criminal law centres on punishment for committing crime. If you’ve ever been accused of committing a crime, then you need a criminal lawyer to defend you against these charges.

Social security lawyer

Looking to get disability benefits from social security? There’s actually a special type of attorney for that! Social security lawyers can represent you when you file for a claim or appeal your case if it gets denied.

Personal injury lawyer

If you were hurt because of someone’s negligence, ignorance or deliberate actions, then consult a personal injury lawyer. These attorneys can represent you when you sue your injurer for damages.

Product liability lawyer

People use countless products daily. If these products are unsafe, its maker is legally responsible for any detrimental effects. If you were harmed by any such product, you should consult a product liability lawyer and file a suit against the company that manufactured it.