Tips On How To Find A Lawyer

You’ll never know when you’ll run into some kind of legal trouble. You could be a plaintiff in a class action suit or a defendant in traffic infringement. Whatever your concern, you’ll need a lawyer for legal counsel or representation. Here are a few tips on how to find a lawyer to help you out.

Tip #1: Consider the specialist you need

Like doctors, there are several types of lawyers. You have divorce lawyers, public prosecutors, personal injury lawyers, tax attorneys, and many others. If it’s a legal concern, there’s a lawyer for it. You need to look for one that specialises on your legal interest.

For instance, if you need a lawyer to help you work out your rights in leasehold, look for a conveyancing lawyer, not a divorce attorney. You can approach a general practitioner since each lawyer has a rudimentary grasp of how the system works, but only specialists know the intricacies of their field.

Tip #2: Get personal referrals

Ask around your personal and professional network for referrals. One way or another, someone you know has worked with a lawyer before. If possible, approach those who have gone or are going through a similar problem; since there are so many different kinds of lawyers, some referrals might not specialise in your area of concern (see example in tip #1).

While it’s good to ask what your contacts think of the lawyers working for them, this shouldn’t be your only basis when deciding who to hire. Since people will always have varying views on anything, what matters is what you think about the lawyers after meeting with them.

Tip #3: Contact your local bar association

Another source of leads is your local bar association. Each one usually has its own directory of licensed lawyers, barristers or solicitors that you can search. Take note, however, that bar associations won’t assist you in deciding who to hire—that’s entirely up to you. What they can do is focus your search on lawyers who specialise on your interest.

Tip #4: Take your search online

The internet provides a wealth of resources for people who need legal advice and representation. You can start right here at You can use our search tool on the home page to find the lawyer you need. All you have to do is enter in your area of interest in the "What are you looking for?" field (e.g. conveyancing) and your location in the "Which area?" field, and then press Search.

You can narrow down your search by scrolling through the specialisations below the entry fields or sorting the results. Each listing provides an overview of its speciality, contact information, interactive map of its location and reviews of past clients. The details you get here should make your search easier.

Tip #5: Call your insurance company

Your car insurance, home insurance or renter’s insurance provider can help you out in legal issues that relate to them or refer you to an attorney. You can contact the provider’s legal department and work your way from there.

Tip #6: Look at other sources

You can also try other sources like ads, your telephone book, law librarians, or non-profits and support groups that deal with your legal concern. Don’t forget to make a background check on your candidates to see if there are any complaints or lawsuits against them.