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Andersons Solicitors

Address: 185 Victoria Square Adelaide CBD SA 5000

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Andersons Solicitors has offices across metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia. Our main areas of assistance include all personal injury matters, employment law including underpayment of wages, unfair dimissal and bullying and harassment matters, all areas of family law assistance, criminal law and have a wealth of experience in our commercial and business law department.

Andersons Solicitors is a medium sized firm servicing all of South Australia with offices in Adelaide, Port Adelaide, Morphett Vale,Murray Bridge, Mt Gambier and Victor Harbor together with regular visitsWhyalla.

We represent a diverse range of clients, maintaining a sizeable commercial,...

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Our Team Profiles

9d35ff0b072de7ae13d783f419b99c6f.jpg Name

John Daenke


In-House Consultant


John specialises in:

Commercial and Property transactions and disputes

Wills and Estate Planning and disputes


Company and Trust matters

Insurance especially Professional Indemnity issues

Sports and Associations Law


Admitted in 1970, John has had extensive experience in an extensive variety of legal issues. He has acted for small and medium business enterprises which need advice and legal assistance across a broad spectrum of legal matters.

John is able to quickly identify the critical legal issues in any situation but also gives consideration to practical and commercial solutions.

He has served on a number of Law Society committees and was deeply involved in the Society's Professional Indemnity Insurance scheme.

In addition, John has been an accomplished speaker at many conferences in his comprehensive areas of expertise. He is a member of the panel of the State Sports Disputes Centre.

Away from legal practice, John and his wife have had an interest in a number of sports, particularly tennis and in outdoor activities. John is Honorary Solicitor for Tennis SA. Before the birth of their 2 sons, they travelled widely, climbed Mts Kilimanjaro and Kinabalu, trekked in the Himalayas and rafted the Franklin River. John's major outdoor activity is now sailing.

Greg Welden Name

Greg Welden


Senior Associate - Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

Year Joined



Upon completion of his legal qualifications, Greg travelled to the United Kingdom where he spent two years working as a small business manager. Upon returning to Australia Greg commenced work as a country solicitor gathering valuable knowledge in all areas of the law. Greg returned to Adelaide in early 2007 where he concentrated his legal career in the areas of commercial advice, litigation and Wills and estate administration. Greg now works in our Commercial Department in the Adelaide office. He brings with him, several years of experience in a diverse range of fields. Greg has a particular passion for all aspects of Estate Law and appreciates having the opportunity to work closely with our clients, both individuals and families, as they undertake the important tasks of wealth management, drafting Wills and attorney documents and estate administration and litigation.

Ryan Thomas Name

Ryan Thomas


Senior Associate - Family Law

Year Joined



Ryan practices in all areas of Family Law and is based in our Adelaide but visits our suburban and regional offices as required. Since graduating from law Ryan has worked predominately in Family Law, joining Andersons in 2010. He has a keen interest in Family Law property settlements. He handles settlements involving investment properties, shares, trusts and proprietary limited companies. After spending his childhood in the mining towns of Whyalla and Port Headland, Ryan completed his education in Adelaide. To further develop his business knowledge, Ryan commenced a Masters of Business Administration at the University of South Australia in 2009 and is due to complete the Masters in 2011. Ryan has a very client orientated approach, focussing on punctuality, open communication and transparency. By way of personal experience in children’s matters, he has co-parented his 9 year old son for a number of years. Ryan is a keen traveller and has travelled Australia and the world extensively.

David Mullen Name

David Mullen


Associate - Criminal, Wills & Personal Injury

Year Joined



David works predominantly at our Victor Harbor office located at 163 Hindmarsh Road, Victor Harbor and at our Adelaide office. He attends court matters at Victor Harbor, Christies Beach and Adelaide. David has lived locally for a number of years and is fully aware of the various legal issues that effect members of the local community. He is able to provide advice practical advice and assistance across a broad range of legal issues.

Camille McDonald Name

Camille McDonald


Associate - Family Law

Year Joined



Since graduating law school and being admitted to practice in 2008, Camille has worked predominantly in Family Law. Camille has had experience working on very complex children's issues, including matters dealing with child abuse and neglect. Her ability to focus on the law, while maintaining a strong rapport with clients ensures that the client can have their matter managed with as little stress as possible. With respect to property settlements, Camille has had experience handling both large and small asset pools and is extremely focused on negotiation and achieving out-of-court settlements. Camille enjoys spending time with her partner and young daughter and is a self confessed gym junkie.

Dion McCaffrie Name

Dion McCaffrie


Partner - Pesonal Injury Law

Year Joined



Dion has been with the firm since undertaking his Articles in 1976. Dion was originally at our Port Adelaide Office and practiced mainly in the areas of criminal law, personal injuries and workers compensation. He relocated to our Adelaide office in 1988 where he continues to specialise in all areas of personal injury litigation and in particular, with motor vehicle claims. Dion is married with three children and his non-work and non-family time is largely devoted to his sporting interests. In addition to taking a keen interest in the sporting activities of his children, Dion is a former President of the West Adelaide Football Club and is now a Commissioner of the South Australian National Football League. Dion has also served on a number of sub-committees at the SANFL since 1990.

Travis Le Riche Name

Travis Le Riche


Associate - Commercial & Business Law

Year Joined



Travis works in our Commercial and Wills & Estates Departments in the Adelaide office. At Andersons, Travis has provided a wide range of assistance to businesses and individuals in their commercial endeavours, including advising on and preparing major contracts, commercialisation efforts, complex litigious matters and sales of land and businesses. Travis uses his experience in litigious matters to identify possible pitfalls with commercial dealings but also services clients in matters such as Wills & Deceased Estates, Conveyancing and Leases. In addition to his legal qualifications, Travis has a strong background in Information Technology having completed a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide whilst studying towards his law degree, with Dean’s Certificates of Merit for 2002, 2003 and 2004. Through his interest in Intellectual Property and his commercial experience, Travis is building up a practice to service members of the South Australian ITC industry, from start-up to long term and established ITC businesses.

Anita King Name

Anita King


In-House Consultant - Personal Injury Law

Year Joined



Anita works in our Civil Litigation Department in the Adelaide office. Prior to completing her law degree, Anita completed a Bachelor of Arts and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree. In addition to her legal qualifications, Anita is an experienced nurse, having completed the Registered Nurse General Program at the Royal Adelaide Hospital from 1984 to 1987. She has additional qualifications in Psychiatric Nursing and has a special interest in ethics and insurance. As a qualified solicitor and experienced nurse, Anita has a unique blend of skills and an intimate understanding of personal injuries. Anita's experience includes advising on a number of medium and large medico-legal matters, providing risk management advice and providing advice on professional indemnity matters. Anita advises on all civil litigation matters including contractual disputes, as well as employment and industrial issues and insurance amongst other related areas. She acts in appeals under the Mental Health Act and the Guardianship and Administration Act and represents clients at Coronial Inquests. She has published widely and lectured at various University seminars. Anita has a wealth of knowledge in her areas of practice having worked closely with, or on the Board of the Nurses Board of South Australia, the Board of Directors of the Adelaide Health Care Alliance, and the Ethics and Research Committee Adelaide Health Care Alliance. She has also been appointed to the Housing Appeal Panel, a division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.


I’ve been injured in a car accident. Will Allianz, the insurance company, pay for my medical treatment?

Allianz is the compulsory third party insurance company that covers you, where eligible, if you sustain injuries in a motor vehicle accident in South Australia. Most commonly, after you have been involved in an accident, and have suffered injuries, you will require initial medical treatment. Who pays for this medical treatment of my injuries sustained a motor vehicle accident?

Can I travel interstate whilst on WorkCover

If you are injured at work in South Australia then the SA Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act, 1986 requires that you reside in the State in order to receive weekly payments of income maintenance. If you are in receipt of workers compensation payments and you wish to travel interstate....

Can I get my marriage annulled in Australia?

The amendments are significant, in that they redefine definitions that relate to family violence under the Family Law Act and the way the best interests of the child is determined under the Act.

Orders successfully made to harvest dying partners sperm

Supreme Court decisions in 2012 in South Australia have permitted a widow to arrange for the harvesting of sperm from a dying or deceased husband.

Changes to speeding fines and demerit points

From 1 September 2012, penalties for speeding offences are about to change. Lower level speeding will attract a lower fine but incur an extra demerit point and higher level speeding offences incur increased fines and an increase in demerit points.

Estate Planning; its' more than just a Will

Once upon a time a Will would have been sufficient to deal with all of your interests upon your death, in a way that you described and had wished for. These days, however, estate planning means so much more than just completing a simple Will.

My husband and I have separated and he refuses to leave the home.

In the family law jurisdiction there is a common injunction (legal option) known as 'sole use and exclusive occupancy', which may force one party to vacate the home. The other party would be required to complete an application in the Federal Magistrates Court seeking an injunction for 'sole use and exclusive occupancy'.

What is a Testamentary Trust Will and do I need one?

When a person dies they usually leave behind a Will that specifies what is to happen to their assets after they die and who they want as the executor of the Will, being the person (or people) who will look after securing and distributing their assets and ensuring the terms of the Will are carried out lawfully.

Costs in Deceased Litigation Matters. Who Pays?

The costs involved in court litigation usually put a lot of people off making a claim or even seeing a lawyer. A lot of people still believe that if you win your case the other side will end up paying all of your legal costs. This is not strictly correct.

I was a passenger in a car accident. Can I get compensation?

Claims for damages, commonly known as motor accident compensation, are based on fault. It is a very rare case when a passenger can be found to have been at fault in how a car, motorbike, truck or other motor vehicle accident is caused. Almost invariably an accident is caused either by the driver of the vehicle in which the injured passenger is sitting or alternatively the driver of another vehicle involved in the accident.

Do non-biological parents have rights after separation?

Aladdin and Jasmine were in a de facto relationship for five years. Jasmine has a 12 year old son from a previous relationship, Rajah, whom Aladdin has developed a close relationship with as a father figure. Aladdin and Jasmine have just separated. Does Aladdin have any rights to continue seeing Rajah?

Injured in a bicycle or car accident? Do you need a lawyer to claim compensation?

If you’ve been injured in a car or bicycle accident, here are some points which may help you make up your mind about engaging experienced personal injuries legal advice.

I think I slipped in aisle 4!

We receive many enquiries from people who have slipped in a supermarket or shopping centre. Quite often, a serious injury can result from such a fall. The question of whether a claim for damages will arise from such an accident is determined by the "law of negligence’.

Australia has new “family violence” amendments to the law

The amendments are significant, in that they redefine definitions that relate to family violence under the Family Law Act and the way the best interests of the child is determined under the Act.